Friday, May 19, 2017

About Learning New Things

For some time now I have wanted to learn to play a music instrument. My reason though (oh sometimes I hate my brain!) kept telling me to ignore my heart's desire and to better put my time and money into learning. Learning Spanish made so much more sense (job-related and for my traveling).
My reason was not too wrong.
I had taken some Spanish lessons before visiting Mexico the first time (two years ago). Upon my return, I was convinced that soon I'd take some new lessons (I never did though!). During my second trip to Central America this year, I realized that I was actually pretty happy with my 20 active Spanish words (that's about all I could remember from my lessons hahaha). As I understand better than I speak (my French and Italian help in that matter), I got around pretty well with my few words (I swear, not more than 20. Okay maybe 21 hahaha).
Somewhere in Costa Rica (during one of my "oh I feel soooo good" kind of days), I realized that learning a 5th language no longer appealed to me. Not because I don't like Spanish. It's just that ... I felt tired of doing the same thing over and over.
4 languages that I speak and read and write fluently are sufficient, don't you think?
I realized another thing. Learning a new language is one thing (the most difficult obviously). Keeping it in tip top shape is another one altogether. In my opinion, if you want to be fluent in a foreign language you have to practice as much as possible. Reading, speaking, writing, listening. Otherwise, you'll forget everything pretty fast.

Anyway, let's cut this long story short. I came back from Central America and decided to ignore my reason (i.e. learning Spanish) and to listen to my heart (to play a music instrument).
Not any instrument. The flute. I wanted to play the flute. All I needed now was a teacher. And what did Buddha say about this matter?

Buddha was right. My teacher came in the shape of a friend of mine who is a primary school teacher. What I didn't know though was that she studied to be a music teacher as well.
She agreed to teach me how to play the flute if ... I'd taught her some English.

Deal done!

So now, every two or so weeks, she teaches me to play the flute and I help her to improve her English. It's what I call a wonderful win-win situation!

PS: I'll tell you more about my learning to play the flute in another post. Let's just say that it's ... hilarious! And that it's more difficult than I thought. And that I love it :-)

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