Thursday, April 13, 2017

Remembering: the Temples of Teotihuacán (Mexico)

I'm (almost) my old self again. The flu is gone, my stomach is doing considerably better and I am back to my normal sleep pattern. What a way to come back to my everyday life :-)

It's time to share some pictures and words on my three weeks in Central America. Let's start with the day spent at Teotihuacán on Monday before flying back to Europe.

Teotihuacán. I had to actually google the word of the temple complex just outside of Mexico City (again!) because I keep forgetting it. Teo... what's its name again? Teotihuacán. Easy, right? hahaha Prononciation: [teotiwa'kan] If you are interested in knowing more, Wikipedia will tell you the details.

The temples are located northeast of downtown Mexico City and getting there was quite the adventure! We decided against a guided tour (too expensive) and took the metro and a bus instead. They are situated "just outside the city" but translated to Mexico City's size it meant not only taking 3 different metro lines but also a 50 (yes, fifty!) minutes bus drive. This city is crazy!

The temples were just awesome (and I mean awesome as in "to awe"!). The temple of the sun, the temple of the moon, the smaller temples in between? Incredible.

view from the Temple of the Moon

Temple of the Moon

Temple of the Sun (I didn't climb on this one - too many steps and it was too hot that day!)

Usually, I don't take pictures with other people on them but here I had to. Otherwise, one doesn't get how huge these temples are!

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