Thursday, April 20, 2017

Remembering: Mexico City (Part II)

There is another interesting thing about Mexico City (although I am not sure if "interesting" is the correct word here)

The city is ... sinking. Literally! And this is no joke!
The city is sinking 1 centimeter a year. 1 centimeter!
Can you believe it?

Back when indigenous people settled in the area (2000 or so years ago), they came upon a huge lake and several small islands. They started draining the area and building their temples and houses.
When the Europeans arrived in 1512, they destroyed the temples and built their churches and houses on top of the ruins. Not knowing that the land they built on was everything but solid.
Nowadays, the city is sinking and nobody does anything (no money in the first place and how to get about doing this Herculean job?).
It sinks less where the Spaniards built on top of existing houses or temples. It's worse in other places. That is why walking the streets of Mexico City felt strange. Up and down I went. Not like walking up and down a hill. No. But my body somehow "felt" that something was off. The houses go up and down while the street is straight. Or vice versa. Some houses are kind of "bent over". A couple of centimeters but nevertheless, one was different as the neighboring house.
My senses were in total overdrive all the time. I never get seasick but walking Mexico City's streets felt like being on board of a boat :-)

Can you see it? The row on the left goes "down" in the rear of the picture...

Same house, not the same fundament!

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