Monday, April 17, 2017

Remembering: Frida Khalo's museum, Casa Azul (Mexico)

I discovered Diego Rivera's murales during this trip (I want to read more about his art and his life!). So while in Mexico City, it was a must to visit Casa Azul, the house where he and Frida lived. They were kind of THE couple in the Mexican art scene at the beginning of the last century.
The museum showed some of her paintings but it was more about how she/they lived. A wonderful place. In a wonderful neighborhood (that alone was worth the trip!). A cute little garden. Nice spacious rooms. A lot of light. I could easily live there :-)

Frida, for sure, was a fascinating personality.
On the one side she must have suffered a great deal. Not only because of her accident (she was on pain pills all of her life) (the pain she must have suffered!) but also due to her tumultuos relationship to Diego Rivera.
Then on the other had was her deep joy and love for life that you can see and feel in her art!

I bought a "Catrina" to be reminded of this day at Frida's house (I found this picture on Pinterest - mine looks slightly different):

Cool, don't you think? You find them all over Mexico...

Here some of the very few pictures I took during my visit.

Casa Azul means Azure House and it's meant literally!

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