Sunday, April 9, 2017

Back Home

I have the flu.
A stomach flu in addition.
And a crazy jetlag.
This nice trio welcomed me at my arrival back home.
I was feeling very good in Mexico City during my last day. Walked around the neighborhood, had some lunch and some "nieve" (I will have to tell you about the nieve another time). Then I was informed that my flight would have a 3 hours delay.
To cut a long story short. The flight had a 3 hours delay in Mexico City. Another hour in Madrid (stop-over) and another 30 minutes before it finally landed in Zurich.
Somehow, during this what seemed like a never-ending journey back home, I got infected with some nasty viruses. (Or is it my body simply being unhappy about being back?? SMILE)
Oh well, any way, I am taking it easy. Nothing I can change about it anyway. I had wanted to share some of my best pictures with you ASAP. That'll have to wait, I'm afraid.
My bed (the jetlag this time is driving me crazy - I am unable to find my normal sleeping rhythm)
and the bathroom (yeah, I know, gross, right?)
are calling :-)

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