Saturday, March 25, 2017

Some Thoughts About Costa Rica

I'm spending my last days in Costa Rica (before heading to Mexico City) not doing much besides hanging around the swimming pool or going on long walks on the beach. I enjoy the heat, the sun, the food and the good energy all around!

On this trip I haven't taken as many pictures as I usually do. The reason is quite simple. I went on a lot of tours to see animals in the wild. And in my opinion, spotting animals in their natural habitat is more about looking at them in wonder and not about taking pictures! How can a picture of a monkey with its baby on its back that jumps from one tree to another transmit my feelings of awe? Or what about sitting in a small boat and being accompanied by dolphins? Or hearing the howler monkey ... howl? (The list is long - I will have to write a post just about the animals I saw!)
Can't show this kind of magic on pictures. At least not in my opinion. So, not many pictures on my computer but many impressions in my heart. :-)
Another side effect of these tours was that I usually got up at 6/7 every day (some days even at 5) and was dead to the world at 10 pm! In Costa Rica the sun sets at 5/5.30 pm and by 5 am the night is gone! So getting up early was kind of a must and I loved the morning light!

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