Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Saying good-bye to Paradise

Three days in paradise, in a place that felt far far away from my usual reality! No cars, no tv, no ac. I went to bed early and got up with the sun. The only noise was the roar of the ocean!
That's Tortuguero National Park.
A magical place.
I went on guided boat tours looking for glimpses of animals in the jungle. The jungle is inaccessible on foot (it's like a swamp within and I'm not even mentioning the dangerous animals like puma, snakes, caymans). So we stuck to the outside, sitting in a boat. (The park is like a lagoon) We saw many monkeys, Tukans, all kinds of birds, a cayman, a sloth and even dolphins!
What helped to make this a stay I'll never forget is that it never rained. I had heard that rain was kind of normal for the jungle and especially for this place but the weather God loved me: three days of sunshine and hot temperatures.
And did I mention the food? Crazy good! (The lodge only offers full board)

My greatest fear had been to have mosquitos, cockroaches and other disgusting bugs (I hate bugs, just hate them) in my room but surprise surprise. No mosquitos, no bugs, no nothing. Yay! Our guide explained why: the national park having an intact ecosystem the bugs get eaten by their natural enemies and never find their way to us humans. Gotta love such a place, right? 
Tortuguero, I'll never forget you! 

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