Thursday, March 23, 2017

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

I The weather God wasn't on my side this time SIGH
I've arrived in La Fortuna, the town that is the gateway to all activities around the volcano (we're north of San Jose, in the middle of the country). Here is where all the outdoor activities take place. You know like kayaking, hiking in the rainforest, walking the hanging bridges.
When planning my trip I was unsure about coming here, as you know, this outdoorsy kind of stuff is not what I like. 
Two things though convinced me of coming anyway.
a) Cano Negro, a wildlife reserve a bit north from here, near the border to Nicaragua. (I've been there today - an amazing place and we've seen many animals).
b) Seeing the volcano.
Oh my, point b didn't work out at all because it has been raining since I arrived here and the volcano is hidden behind thick clouds. Oh well, c'est la vie, I suppose, but I'm nevertheless quite disappointed. I'm leaving tomorrow and maybe (please weather God, PLEASE) the clouds will disappear!!! 
(Thinking about it I find it hilarious hahaha I come here to see the volcano, I even chose a hotel room with volcano view, that's how badly I wanted to see it, and the volcano simply decided not to show itself. Sigh. I'm really disappointed.)

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