Sunday, March 12, 2017

Almost There

A few more days to go and I will be off to Costa Rica and Mexico City. Didn't have much time to dedicate to my blog these past days, unfortunately, but you will have a lot to read once I will be on the road again :-)
This week (among a lot of other things) I had to bring my car to the garage to have the car tires changed (from winter to summer). Seeing me arrive, the guy looked at me funny, like he thought: what the heck is she doing here?  He didn't say it though (much too polite!) but said instead: Do you know that winter is not yet over? They forecast some snow for this week, didn't you hear?
I smiled and said: Yes, I know about the snow. But as I am gonna be traveling for the next three weeks, I will be just fine.
And, believe me, it felt soo good saying it. "As I will be traveling for the next three weeks." Yay.
I will be on the road again. Soon. Very soon.

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