Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mexico City First Impressions

I've arrived in Mexico City and, honestly? What a wonderful surprise. It feels a bit like Europe because of buildings but the energy and the chaos is so Mexican!

We (I'm visiting with a friend) started our Mexican adventure by admiring the frescos done by Diego Rivera (husband of Friday Khalo). Awesome, don't you think?

Later on we found a free walking tour of the old town. Our guide Julio was amazing. He walked us around and had a lot to tell! In addition it was a nice way to get a feeling of the city. 
Here another picture, it's one is of the cathedral

Ps: the first impact with this city was a bit of a shock for me after the quiet days spent in Costa Rica! Hahaha

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Some Thoughts About Costa Rica

I'm spending my last days in Costa Rica (before heading to Mexico City) not doing much besides hanging around the swimming pool or going on long walks on the beach. I enjoy the heat, the sun, the food and the good energy all around!

On this trip I haven't taken as many pictures as I usually do. The reason is quite simple. I went on a lot of tours to see animals in the wild. And in my opinion, spotting animals in their natural habitat is more about looking at them in wonder and not about taking pictures! How can a picture of a monkey with its baby on its back that jumps from one tree to another transmit my feelings of awe? Or what about sitting in a small boat and being accompanied by dolphins? Or hearing the howler monkey ... howl? (The list is long - I will have to write a post just about the animals I saw!)
Can't show this kind of magic on pictures. At least not in my opinion. So, not many pictures on my computer but many impressions in my heart. :-)
Another side effect of these tours was that I usually got up at 6/7 every day (some days even at 5) and was dead to the world at 10 pm! In Costa Rica the sun sets at 5/5.30 pm and by 5 am the night is gone! So getting up early was kind of a must and I loved the morning light!

Last Days In Costa Rica

I'm over my disappointment not having seen the volcano (I try not to think about it hahaha). It helped that this last destination of my Costa Rica trip is magical. Manuel Antonio National Park. Even if the park was crowded (compared to Tortuguero every place is crowded -so, not fair, right?), the sun was shining, the skies were blue and our guide was very nice and spotted a lot of animals for us. Monkeys, lizards, birds, sloths, bugs. Quite amazing! The surprise came at the end though. I had been told that the best beaches were actually inside the park but this information didn't stuck with me. It came back when I saw this:

Pretty amazing, don't you think? I got one more for you:

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Volcano

This is the best view of the volcano that I got ... SIGH

PS: you won't believe it. Three minutes (and I mean three minutes) after having taken this picture it started to rain and all I was able to see were clouds (no bit of blue sky). 
And btw the volcano is supposed to be where you can see the clouds in the picture. 
Adios Arenal - it wasn't meant to be :(

Cano Negro Wildlife Reserve, Costa Rica

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

I The weather God wasn't on my side this time SIGH
I've arrived in La Fortuna, the town that is the gateway to all activities around the volcano (we're north of San Jose, in the middle of the country). Here is where all the outdoor activities take place. You know like kayaking, hiking in the rainforest, walking the hanging bridges.
When planning my trip I was unsure about coming here, as you know, this outdoorsy kind of stuff is not what I like. 
Two things though convinced me of coming anyway.
a) Cano Negro, a wildlife reserve a bit north from here, near the border to Nicaragua. (I've been there today - an amazing place and we've seen many animals).
b) Seeing the volcano.
Oh my, point b didn't work out at all because it has been raining since I arrived here and the volcano is hidden behind thick clouds. Oh well, c'est la vie, I suppose, but I'm nevertheless quite disappointed. I'm leaving tomorrow and maybe (please weather God, PLEASE) the clouds will disappear!!! 
(Thinking about it I find it hilarious hahaha I come here to see the volcano, I even chose a hotel room with volcano view, that's how badly I wanted to see it, and the volcano simply decided not to show itself. Sigh. I'm really disappointed.)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Saying good-bye to Paradise

Three days in paradise, in a place that felt far far away from my usual reality! No cars, no tv, no ac. I went to bed early and got up with the sun. The only noise was the roar of the ocean!
That's Tortuguero National Park.
A magical place.
I went on guided boat tours looking for glimpses of animals in the jungle. The jungle is inaccessible on foot (it's like a swamp within and I'm not even mentioning the dangerous animals like puma, snakes, caymans). So we stuck to the outside, sitting in a boat. (The park is like a lagoon) We saw many monkeys, Tukans, all kinds of birds, a cayman, a sloth and even dolphins!
What helped to make this a stay I'll never forget is that it never rained. I had heard that rain was kind of normal for the jungle and especially for this place but the weather God loved me: three days of sunshine and hot temperatures.
And did I mention the food? Crazy good! (The lodge only offers full board)

My greatest fear had been to have mosquitos, cockroaches and other disgusting bugs (I hate bugs, just hate them) in my room but surprise surprise. No mosquitos, no bugs, no nothing. Yay! Our guide explained why: the national park having an intact ecosystem the bugs get eaten by their natural enemies and never find their way to us humans. Gotta love such a place, right? 
Tortuguero, I'll never forget you! 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica

I've arrived on the Caribbean Sea. The journey was long but totally worth it! Now though I'm tired and want to sleep. I'm lying here on my bed in this wonderful lodge (I chose well) ... And it's hot. I can hear the sea (really loud with lots of waves) and write these words thinking: it's hot. Like humid hot.
Finally. I just love it. 
I will have to tell you more about this place but there is time. I have another two days to tell you about it. Right now though, I just want to sleep. 
Here some pictures I took at the beach today

Friday, March 17, 2017

Street Art In San Jose, Costa Rica

Spent my day walking around San Jose after a long night with plenty of sleep. No jet lag and I'm glad!
I like San Jose's energy. It's not a beautiful nor a cute city but there are some very nice places. And the people are nice and friendly. And the sun was shining- what else would I want???
I particularly liked its murales. I love street art and like in Mexico two years ago, I have to say that they are good here as well.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Long Distance Flights

I've arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica, after an 11 hours flight. No actually I've to add two hours to this number because the flight to Madrid was not nothing. (Should I mention the hour waiting on immigration? Or the hour it took the taxi to get to my hotel, due to a traffic jam? Nooooo, I won't even though I almost fell asleep in the taxi hahaha).
I, honestly speaking, tend to forget those long flights. I suffer through them and then put them at the back of my mind. In a very deep place of my mind! No need to dwell on them because without these flights ... No traveling. 
So, here I'm in Central America. Tired but happy. Tomorrow I'm going to discover this city! 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Almost There

A few more days to go and I will be off to Costa Rica and Mexico City. Didn't have much time to dedicate to my blog these past days, unfortunately, but you will have a lot to read once I will be on the road again :-)
This week (among a lot of other things) I had to bring my car to the garage to have the car tires changed (from winter to summer). Seeing me arrive, the guy looked at me funny, like he thought: what the heck is she doing here?  He didn't say it though (much too polite!) but said instead: Do you know that winter is not yet over? They forecast some snow for this week, didn't you hear?
I smiled and said: Yes, I know about the snow. But as I am gonna be traveling for the next three weeks, I will be just fine.
And, believe me, it felt soo good saying it. "As I will be traveling for the next three weeks." Yay.
I will be on the road again. Soon. Very soon.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Just Breathe

Sometimes life is too fast. Everything is too fast - my thoughts, what happens around me etc.
In these moments, it helps to sit down and to ... just breathe.