Monday, February 27, 2017

My Way Of Traveling

I was opening my mail box this morning (the one that contains envelopes not e-mails haha), when I hear someone yelling: Have a nice trip!
I turned around and saw the mailman disappear around the corner. Ah right, he had just delivered my travel papers (the logo on the enveloppe said it all!).
I am really going on a trip soon. So very soon!

These last couple of weeks I ignored what people had to say about Costa Rica. Same goes for posts on some of my favorite travel blogs. I usually love other's stories about their trips ... just not when it's one of the countries I will be visiting shortly. Traveling is such a subjective matter and I want to experience the place first without any preconceptions placed in my head by other's.
Just the other day, to give you an example, a friend of mine said ... oh, you going to Costa Rica? Mmh, right. Well, it was okay but the rain forest isn't comparable to the one in the Amazonas.
Can you believe it?
Why for heaven's sake would I dare comparing Costa Rica's rain forest to another?
It's like comparing one piece of art with another!
Not just an impossible task, no, it's simply not who I am. This is not my way of traveling.
My most important thing about traveling is ... to feel thankful each and every time (not taking it for granted) and to marvel at the beauty of our world!

Soon, guys, really soon I'll be marveling at Costa Rica's and Mexico City's beauty and will let you know if I like it or not :-)

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