Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Home-Baked Bread

Have you ever baked your own bread? Well, I hadn't ... at least not until last Sunday. Part of my personal "going green" initiative and my quest to use less plastic is to question everyday items I eat or use. One of these is bread.
For some time now I have been annoyed by the bread I buy at the grocery store. I have tried several stores, been to special bakeries around town (oh my, didn't know that bread could be that trendy ... and expensive!!). I tried all sorts of breads. The majority of them were delicious but, oh yes, you knew it, there is a but. After one/two days the majority of the breads I bought became either rock-hard or rubber-like. In my single-person household, I rarely eat a loaf of bread within one day. I started getting annoyed to keep feeding my garbage can with old bread.
What a waste!
I needed to change that.
I baked my first home-baked bread on Sunday and today (Wednesday) it's still eatable (and tasty!). Do you believe it? I have been told to buy a bread bag made out of linen to help keep it fresh a bit longer. I'll have to look out for that.
First point in favor of home-baked bread: 4/5 days of good and eatable bread (instead of the usual 1/2)
Second point: I know exactly WHAT I eat as I put the ingredients together.
Third point: kneading the dough is like meditation
Fourth point: less waste

Next item on my "do it yourself" list: granola (crunchy cereals). Ever since I noticed the amount of sugar that contains my favorite crunch cereal (and not only the sugar. Have you noticed WHAT they put in these things?) I decided that this would be my last package of granola bought in a store. Time for some baking time again. Will keep you updated.

PS: As soon as my toothpaste tube will be used up, I'll do some research on how to make toothpaste.
PSS: I will feel like a witch, mixing all this stuff in my own kitchen hahahha

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