Sunday, February 12, 2017

2017 and Its Waves of Energy

I had read about it on my favorite astrology pages / blogs. People told me so back in December (my yoga teacher being one many). That 2017 was gonna be different from 2016. WAY DIFFERENT. With a lot of (new) energy. Change would be all around us. Energy that would change us. Change the world.

I read the words. Listened to people. And decided that I would believe it only once I was going to experience it myself.

Oh well, did I get to experience it. It is different. It feels different. I didn't realize it at first. I started my year easily, thinking about Costa Rica, my upcoming trip. Then it suddenly changed. It hit me like a wave (a good one, mind you - a very good one!). There was my head full of new ideas (more than usually and that alone should be a strong hint!!). My sleep full of dreams. My body strong and full of energy. Lots of friends calling me, wanting to go out. Having enriching talks with them (more so than usually), sharing new ideas and visions. I myself full of energy, never too tired to do anything (I took up writing again - just to tell you one thing!).
I could even feel it while reading the news (which doesn't happen a lot usually - me feeling good while reading the news, I mean). People hitting the streets (in America, in Romania). Strong and together. Never giving up.
In one word: amazing.
It was amazing, but honestly speaking I felt a bit overwhelmed. How would I be able to hang on to this pace? We are only in February. Another 10 monts to go. I realized that I needed to slow down a bit. To become more conscious of my thoughts, my actions. To become more choosy.
I love the waves of energy that 2017 has in store for us. I crave them.
I decided that it was up to me which one to surf and which one to ignore.
Having said that ... 2017 ... let the waves come :-)  And happy surfing :-)

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