Monday, February 27, 2017

My Way Of Traveling

I was opening my mail box this morning (the one that contains envelopes not e-mails haha), when I hear someone yelling: Have a nice trip!
I turned around and saw the mailman disappear around the corner. Ah right, he had just delivered my travel papers (the logo on the enveloppe said it all!).
I am really going on a trip soon. So very soon!

These last couple of weeks I ignored what people had to say about Costa Rica. Same goes for posts on some of my favorite travel blogs. I usually love other's stories about their trips ... just not when it's one of the countries I will be visiting shortly. Traveling is such a subjective matter and I want to experience the place first without any preconceptions placed in my head by other's.
Just the other day, to give you an example, a friend of mine said ... oh, you going to Costa Rica? Mmh, right. Well, it was okay but the rain forest isn't comparable to the one in the Amazonas.
Can you believe it?
Why for heaven's sake would I dare comparing Costa Rica's rain forest to another?
It's like comparing one piece of art with another!
Not just an impossible task, no, it's simply not who I am. This is not my way of traveling.
My most important thing about traveling is ... to feel thankful each and every time (not taking it for granted) and to marvel at the beauty of our world!

Soon, guys, really soon I'll be marveling at Costa Rica's and Mexico City's beauty and will let you know if I like it or not :-)

Friday, February 17, 2017

Body, Mind and Soul

I am reading this wonderful little book written by Frédéric Lenoir "L'âme du Monde". Its content wasn't news to me but to reread some valuable life lessons from time to time does me good.
There was one little story in the book that I especially loved. A wise man talking about how to live in harmony with our body, mind and soul. He compared this trio to two horses and a coachman.
The body and the mind being the horses.
The soul being the coachman.
I just love this picture. Isn't it true that, in order to move forward, the two horses and the coachman need to work together, like our body, mind and soul should do to have a balanced life?

The wise man in the story urged his audience to take care of the body, to make sure it's flexible as well as resilient. To nourish it with good food, to allow it to get the sleep it needs. To love our body, to give it our attention.

The mind makes itself noticeable through our emotions, our state of mind. He urged his audience to start getting to know their emotions: why do I feel the way I feel? Why does this or that happen to me? Introspection and self-knowledge being the key words here.

Last but not least there is our soul. The wise man urged to get to know our soul, to love it and to take care of it. Our soul makes us perceive the beauty and the harmony of our world. Gets us to start crying in front of a work of art (may it be man-made or nature). Makes us feel compassion for others.
The soul makes us feel the magnificence of life.

All of this is no news for you, right? It wasn't for me either. Theoretically. On the other hand it does me good to get more conscious of the trio in me that gets me going forward. Me, who tends to forget that the body is also part of my being. The me who stands in her therapist's practice while getting her lumbar vertebrae realigned :-)

Sunday, February 12, 2017

2017 and Its Waves of Energy

I had read about it on my favorite astrology pages / blogs. People told me so back in December (my yoga teacher being one many). That 2017 was gonna be different from 2016. WAY DIFFERENT. With a lot of (new) energy. Change would be all around us. Energy that would change us. Change the world.

I read the words. Listened to people. And decided that I would believe it only once I was going to experience it myself.

Oh well, did I get to experience it. It is different. It feels different. I didn't realize it at first. I started my year easily, thinking about Costa Rica, my upcoming trip. Then it suddenly changed. It hit me like a wave (a good one, mind you - a very good one!). There was my head full of new ideas (more than usually and that alone should be a strong hint!!). My sleep full of dreams. My body strong and full of energy. Lots of friends calling me, wanting to go out. Having enriching talks with them (more so than usually), sharing new ideas and visions. I myself full of energy, never too tired to do anything (I took up writing again - just to tell you one thing!).
I could even feel it while reading the news (which doesn't happen a lot usually - me feeling good while reading the news, I mean). People hitting the streets (in America, in Romania). Strong and together. Never giving up.
In one word: amazing.
It was amazing, but honestly speaking I felt a bit overwhelmed. How would I be able to hang on to this pace? We are only in February. Another 10 monts to go. I realized that I needed to slow down a bit. To become more conscious of my thoughts, my actions. To become more choosy.
I love the waves of energy that 2017 has in store for us. I crave them.
I decided that it was up to me which one to surf and which one to ignore.
Having said that ... 2017 ... let the waves come :-)  And happy surfing :-)

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Have a Nice Sunday and a Wonderful Week

Perfect Moment

The worst part of winter is over, folks! I took this picture this week on ... 6pm!! yes, 6 pm!! Days are getting longer and spring is in the air :-)

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Home-Baked Bread

Have you ever baked your own bread? Well, I hadn't ... at least not until last Sunday. Part of my personal "going green" initiative and my quest to use less plastic is to question everyday items I eat or use. One of these is bread.
For some time now I have been annoyed by the bread I buy at the grocery store. I have tried several stores, been to special bakeries around town (oh my, didn't know that bread could be that trendy ... and expensive!!). I tried all sorts of breads. The majority of them were delicious but, oh yes, you knew it, there is a but. After one/two days the majority of the breads I bought became either rock-hard or rubber-like. In my single-person household, I rarely eat a loaf of bread within one day. I started getting annoyed to keep feeding my garbage can with old bread.
What a waste!
I needed to change that.
I baked my first home-baked bread on Sunday and today (Wednesday) it's still eatable (and tasty!). Do you believe it? I have been told to buy a bread bag made out of linen to help keep it fresh a bit longer. I'll have to look out for that.
First point in favor of home-baked bread: 4/5 days of good and eatable bread (instead of the usual 1/2)
Second point: I know exactly WHAT I eat as I put the ingredients together.
Third point: kneading the dough is like meditation
Fourth point: less waste

Next item on my "do it yourself" list: granola (crunchy cereals). Ever since I noticed the amount of sugar that contains my favorite crunch cereal (and not only the sugar. Have you noticed WHAT they put in these things?) I decided that this would be my last package of granola bought in a store. Time for some baking time again. Will keep you updated.

PS: As soon as my toothpaste tube will be used up, I'll do some research on how to make toothpaste.
PSS: I will feel like a witch, mixing all this stuff in my own kitchen hahahha