Monday, January 23, 2017

Perception of Reality

Sometimes I listen to someone talk, in person or on TV, thinking: "Doesn't he/she see that the reality in our world nowadays is another matter altogether?"
Do you know the feeling? The feeling that this person isn't living on the same planet, isn't perceiving reality like you do?

Living in a democratic state implies that everybody has a right to its own opinion. Arguing about different opinions (and finding solutions together) is what's important. It helps us grow and change. (Don't we ever forget that! It looks like lately people are tired of democracy because it's time-consuming and complicated. It's not. I mean it is but in a good way. The best way. The alternatives are no solution. No solution at all.)
Sorry, I'm digressing. Where was I? ah right. Perception of what reality is.
Reality is perceived differently by every single person. I really understood the notion while talking to a friend of mine about her gray hair. Please don't laugh! Bear with me for another moment. I'll get to the point. I swear.

Gray hair is my reality, so when friends talk about their gray hair, I listen. The other day this friend of mine (who BTW has light brown hair with blond highlights) told me how shocked she had been the day before to discover that she had GRAY hair at her temples. She was S H O C K E D.
It took me a minute to realize that she was serious. Why? Well, because her temples have been gray for some time now (more than a year. I know because I remember thinking that I admired her for not dying her hair. I never vocalized my thoughts though. I should have, apparently).
When I told her so, she was totally flabbergasted. "What?????? No, impossible. I just found out yesterday!"

She looked at herself in the mirror during the last year and NEVER saw ONE gray hair. She saw blond highlights and not gray hair. Amazing, don't you think? How we see what we want to see, hear what we want to hear, experience what we are ready to experience?

Living in a democracy enables me to say what I believe to be my truth and enables others to express what they perceive as their thruth. The real challenge is to perceive their reality (by listening) and to explain mine (by speaking out).

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