Monday, January 9, 2017

Lisbon, Portugal

I spent the last days of 2016 in Lisbon with a friend. A destination that turned out to be a huge surprise. Honestly, I didn't have any expectations. All I wanted is to go away for a few days ... preferably to a place where it would be warmer than where I live.
It was warmer - that's for sure! And the whole 4 days turned out to be a total surprise.
Lisbon has not monuments or places you absolutely, 100% have to see (at least that was the impression I got by reading my travel guide). You know, like going to the Prado while visiting Madrid. Or see the Eiffel tower while in Paris. My surprise was the overall feeling of the city. THAT I liked (well, it helped that the sky was blue, the sun was shining and that we had lunch and aperitivo sitting outside!! SMILE). No, really, apart from me liking the sun and the blue sky, I really loved the overall feeling of the city.
The feeling you get when you walk around a place you don't know and you feel good.
Just like that. You walk and you feel good.
That was Lisbon for me.
If I had to write a travel guide, I'd have a difficult time. I couldn't tell you what place you absolutely don't have to miss. All I'd say would be: go there, walk around, keep your eyes and your senses open and follow your instinct.
You'll have a wonderful time.
I had a wonderful time.
Every single person we met was kind. EVERY SINGLE ONE.
I couldn't understand ONE word when they talked (I can read it but listening? Oh my, another story) but their English and especially their French is very good.
The food was excellent and the restaurants were modern in an old fashioned way (difficult to explain ... but the food was OMG good!!).
I particularly liked that the city wasn't perfect. Some houses were renovated and some were not. I do not like cities that are too perfect. Lisbon is not and I liked that!
A wonderful way to spend my last days of 2016!

The city of the 7 hills - just like Rome!

Ponte do 25 Abril

Same company built the San Francisco bridge ... obvious, right?

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