Sunday, December 11, 2016

Soundtrack of your Life

I was listening to Brett Eldredge's "I Wanna Be That Song" (one of my favorite songs these days!) when one sentence in particular stuck:
"Every life has a soundtrack".

Music has been important all my life, even though I never learnt to play a musical instrument (it's on my bucket list!). 
Some of my friends are "one kind of music" kind of guys and girls. Like "Rock music forever", or "House music forever" etc. It's like with fashion. Some people find their style and stick to it their whole life.
I am more an eclectic kind of woman. In music and in fashion SMILE
The first album that I bought with my own money was Michael Jackson's "Thriller" (that's a moment I won't ever forget!). Before that I listened to music cassettes that my parents bought me. That would be ABBA.
Neue Deutsche Welle comes to my mind as well (ah the eighties!), Italo Disco as well (when I started going out on Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon with my girlfriends - have I mentioned that I not only love music but I adore dancing as well???).
So many phases since then. The Simon & Garfunkel phase while living in Paris (I walked the dog twice a day and my walkman was part of the ritual!). A decade of House Music (in almost all its forms) (and the clubs that went with this music as well obviously!) followed. Classic Music came next. Pop, R&B and lately New American Country.

So, I agree with Brett: every life does have a soundtrack. And my life's soundtrack and its chapters reflect my different life stages perfectly.

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