Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Let Go and Have Faith

That's it. The trees have lost all their leaves (at least where I live).
It's the perfect time, in my opinion, to do the same. To let go of everything that is bad for you. To settle issues. To look at things/problems closely and to solve them. To clean up your closet. (Add to this list whatever is important for you.)
We shouldn't be afraid of letting old stuff or people who are not good for us go. Or do you know of a tree that desperately tries to hold on to its leaves? A tree that glues the "old" leaves back to their branches? LOL Obviously not.
They let go.
What it's wonderful with nature though is that they let go knowing that in spring the leaves will come back. They accept what is and have faith on what will be.
Even though I am not a huge fan of winter (you know that!), I love this notion of letting go and having faith in what will come!

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