Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Feeling a Little Blue

Do you ever feel a little blue? I do, not so often, thankfully, but I still do. Like yesterday, for instance. No apparent reason.
Just feeling a little blue.
I didn't dwell on it too much though. I accept that there are days and then there are other days.
My coping mechanisms have changed over the years, I just realized yesterday! A couple of years ago, during an "I feel blue" day like yesterday, I would have:
  • gone shopping or
  • eaten my way through my fridge or
  • talked about "it" over and over and over again, hoping to feel better.
Until I realized that all that was of no help because
a) shopping was no good for my budget (and while feeling blue one should never ever ever try on some pants in a badly lit dressing room! Obviously on one of these days EVERYTHING made me look fat and ugly and whatever you can think of. SMILE Therefore, not only bad for my bank account but also for my self-esteem!).

b) Eating only helped for a short time. Getting fatter though was no good for my mood on the long term (which is worse than feeling a little blue for one day!).

c) Talking wasn't helping either because, honestly, most of the times I don't even know WHY I feel the way I feel on one of these days. Therefore, talking is just useless. On the contrary, it often made me feel worse because it became bigger than it really was.

So, what do I do these days when I feel a little blue?
I let it go by.
I go on doing what I usually do and wait it out.
Experience has shown me that it goes away.
I accepted that feeling blue from time to time is part of life.
It'd be different if I'd feel blue several days a month. Then I'd probably talk to someone about it. But just a couple of days a year? No big deal.

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