Friday, September 16, 2016

Sometimes, Change Is What We Need

For the last 4 years, I've shared an office with two other girls. Before that, I used to work at home but when I moved into my one bedroom apartment, there was no longer enough space.

This shared office thing seemed the perfect solution at that time: I wanted to commute to the city center again. I wanted to live the city again. Having lunch around the corner. Going places after work. Feeling the city energy. But, most important, I wanted to share my working days with other people again (after years of working alone).

I was happy.
I was. Really. Until I wasn't any longer.
I don't know exactly when it occured. It happened slowly. I didn't realize it until .... this June, when one of the girls decided to quit. When we started talking about possible solutions for the remaining two of us ... and I realized that ... I wanted to quit as well!
And that made me happy. Very happy!
Relieved even!
How did that happen? I didn't see it coming, I swear!
So I quit. At the end of August.
It felt so liberating (shockingly so).
I don't want to go into all the details of why this place and the people no longer made me happy. Small things but accumulated? Not good for me any longer. But it's over now. I'm just glad that I realized it (and am grateful to the third girl that she decided to quit!).
It felt like when you are in a relationship that, deep down, you know is no longer good for you but you somehow ignore all the signs and your feelings and go on being in it. Knowing better. Doing nothing.

So, here I am, looking for a new office. A different one as I am a different person today. With different needs than 4 years ago.
I want one near my home (attainable by car). The city no longer interests me. Going there from time to time during my spare time is sufficient (isn't this interesting? I really have changed!)
I want a bright and nice office. With natural light!
And I no longer crave colleagues. I am good working all by myself. I meet enough people in my non-professional life :-)

Meanwhile, I work from home. Waiting for my perfect office to turn up!

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