Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Birthday Present

Last Sunday was my birthday. Usually, like the good Virgo I am (hahaha), I like to organize my day well in advance. Not so this year. With all the stuff that happened these last couple of weeks (I will have to tell you about my moving out from the office community I was working from and about "letting go of things and people) and with my days spent in Cattolica, I somehow totally forgot about my birthday.
Until two days before my actual birthday. Which was way too late for anybody to still have time to do anything with me (people are no good at short-term, don't you agree?).
Well, no big deal. I'd find something that'd please me.
Something good to start this new year.
Guess my choice?

A (short) trip, obviously.
I've always wanted to go on a boat trip on Lake Lucerne (I drive by this lake whenever I go to Italy and each time I think that I want to visit once, not just drive by).
The weather was ideal for a boat trip (hot and sunny) and as I absolutely love boat trips, what better way to spend MY day? And it was a wonderful day!

the famous wooden bridge of Lucern

it felt good to be a tourist in my own country

I love it when the world is made of different shades of the same color!

I so love the color of this lake - so different from the one I usually look at (Lake Zurich)

September light

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