Friday, August 19, 2016

Sobering Reality

Sometimes, and it's hard for me to admit it, a dream, an idea is just that.

A dream.
An idea.

Remember my post of a few weeks ago?
About new travel ideas? About going to the Caribbean after Christmas for a week / 10 days?
(It had to be after Christmas because our office is closed during this period and I thought, as I'm not working anyway, why not go to a nice place without using up my vacation days?)

The reality is that this trip costs a fortune. Way over my kind of budget. I thought that it was gonna be expensive but not THAT expensive.
It was a sobering experience, this week, when my friend came over for dinner and we stared at the prices for the flights and the hotels on the Internet.
Really sobering.
It broke my heart. Really it did. When I realized that I had to give up on my dream.

What to do then?

First, I have to get over the idea of myself enjoying the Caribbean. It was so clear in my mind - you can't imagine how much!
And then I will cook dinner again and we'll talk about an alternative that meets our budget.

It hurts nevertheless!

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