Friday, August 19, 2016

Sobering Reality

Sometimes, and it's hard for me to admit it, a dream, an idea is just that.

A dream.
An idea.

Remember my post of a few weeks ago?
About new travel ideas? About going to the Caribbean after Christmas for a week / 10 days?
(It had to be after Christmas because our office is closed during this period and I thought, as I'm not working anyway, why not go to a nice place without using up my vacation days?)

The reality is that this trip costs a fortune. Way over my kind of budget. I thought that it was gonna be expensive but not THAT expensive.
It was a sobering experience, this week, when my friend came over for dinner and we stared at the prices for the flights and the hotels on the Internet.
Really sobering.
It broke my heart. Really it did. When I realized that I had to give up on my dream.

What to do then?

First, I have to get over the idea of myself enjoying the Caribbean. It was so clear in my mind - you can't imagine how much!
And then I will cook dinner again and we'll talk about an alternative that meets our budget.

It hurts nevertheless!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

About Perception and Limits

How we perceive our body is not how our body really is. It's how we think our body is.

My feet, for instance, just as an example. I have always thought that I didn't have pretty feet. I didn't think that they were ugly just not pretty enough to wear sandals during summer time. Ever since I was a kid, I had a difficult time to find sandals that fit my feet (I'm not boring you with details here) so I started thinking that my feet were not pretty, weren't made for sandals.
That was until this year.
I suddenly wanted to wear sandals. Why couldn't I wear sandals like any other person?
So I decided that it was time to change my perception. I was going to find a stylish pair of sandals that would fit my feet and I would wear them with pride.

The first step was to actually find some sandals that fit my feet. Not an easy task but this Internet shop specialized in selling shoes helped with my "quest" (on this site I could choose from hundreds of various brands and as I knew my feet pretty well, I knew what I was looking for). I found two pair of sandals that fit me perfectly. Can you imagine that? As simple as that.

Then came the more difficult part. Actually wearing them. Showing off my feet.
It's stupid, I know, but it was difficult. The first time I wore one of my sandals, I felt like EVERYBODY was looking at my feet. Wow, really stupid.
I went on wearing them though. (Sunny) day after (sunny) day. And somehow along the road I got used to wearing sandals, to showing off my feet.
Then today, I looked down at my feet, and thought how pretty they looked in my amazing white sandals.
I was shocked by my own thought!
My feet aren't beautiful (I'll never be a foot model haha) but with the nice sun tan and the pink nail polish? Yes, definitely nice.

Who'd have thought?
Perception can change. We can make it change. The more difficult part is, at least in my opinion, to actually realize what perception of ourselves or a situation or another person (perception is not only about our body!) limits our life. And I so do not like limits!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Choose Smartly

In the end, it's always about choosing the thing that is right for you!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

August Bubble Generates New (Travel) Ideas

As I said last week, I do love summer time (
During these weeks, when the streets, the shops, the trains and buses are empty, my mind empties as well.
I take it easy.
I read.
I think.
I meet friends (and somehow our talks are not as "heavy" as during the rest of the year).
I go on short trips around town.
I have time.
It's like living in a bubble. A very nice bubble, mind you!
I know that when September arrives the bubble will burst and life will resume with its obligations and deadlines. I am fine with it.
August though helps me to regenerate. It's when new ideas come up (you know how it works: my mind empties, the ideas pop up by themselves haha).
New ideas about travel destinations. About classes I want to take.
I don't want to bore you with a list of ALL my ideas but I thought you might be curious about my next trips.

An unexpected short trip will take place at the beginning of September. We will get a new heating installation in the house I live in and there won't be warm water for at least two days. That's all I need for an excuse to go on a trip (hahaha).
It will depend on the weather but I feel like taking my car and drive to Italy. Maybe spending 2/3 days in Cattolica (on the beach) and then drive on, visiting the Monte Conero region and maybe the Monti Sibillini national park.

In October I want to spend two weeks in Venice (or maybe 3?). It's a dream of mine to once live in Venice. And as my job can be done from whatever place (as long it's in the same zone), my boss agreed that I could work from Venice for 2/3 weeks. All I will need is an appartment and an Internet connection (and my computer obviously!). I will work my usual three days (and earn money, which is important, see the ideas for my next trips!) and make use of the rest of the week to discover Venice and all its islands.

With a friend of mine we talked about going to a Caribbean Island after Christmas for a week / ten days. It's still work in progress though. My friend and I will have to do some research on which island we choose etc.

March of next year I plan a trip to Mexico. My American friend will spend her winter in Oaxaca and we plan to visit Mexico City together. The rest of the trip though is still work in progress. Maybe the Chiapas region? Maybe Costa Rica? Again. Work in progress.

I love my new ideas! Do you?

PS: BTW I plan to take classes on how to design a Website. That's another dream of mine.