Thursday, July 14, 2016

Remembering Chincoteague Island, Virginia

I actually never told you much about this place. It was the last place I visited and by then I was in wonderful state of mind and wasn't much into updating my blog.
Well, it's never too late, is it?
A magic place, Chincoteague Island, it was. A truly magic place.
A place that made me remember why I travel in the first place but I had told you about it (
And even though it rained most of my second day, it felt good to be there. Just be there. Walking the park's trail, stopping my car to let a turtle walk by (walk? well, an euphemism hahaha), being baffled to see a snake cross my road, seeing wild rabbits and all the birds, the herons? Well, wonderful. And not to forget the wild ponies. You don't believe me? Well, I had read about them but I was sure that I wouldn't be seeing them. Well, I did. There were far away but nevertheless. I saw them.
Like I said.
Most of the tourist just went to the beach. Therefore, the trails and all the other places (like the lighthouse) weren't crowded. Often I got off my car and there was no noise. NO NOISE. Can you imagine that? In our world places where there is no noise are getting rare. It was balm to my soul.

view from the light house


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