Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Being Busy vs. Having Time

I love summer time. Especially the few weeks, where schools are closed, the streets are, well not empty, but let's say, less crowded.
These are the weeks where I like to go on short trips not far from home.
These are the weeks where I decide on Wednesday what I'll do on Saturday (the weather forecast being my best friend!).

All this is not so easy when my plans include others.
I tend to forget that most of my friends are quite busy all the time. So busy that if I call on Wednesday and ask them "what are you doing on Saturday?", they say: Saturday? We're busy. I: Well, what about Sunday? They: We don't have a weekend free until the end of August.
Leaves me speechless.
I don't want to judge them though. I can understand that not anybody is like me. Most of my friends have a partner and/or kids. And the more you are, the more difficult it gets.
I get it.
But not one free weekend in six weeks?
Oh my.
This morning I was e-mailing a friend of mine, discussing lunch plans. He proposed a date ... at the end of September!
I had to laugh! I had to. Really.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Who Do You Wanna Be When You Grow Up?

I was listening to Oprah interviewing Michelle Obama on YouTube and one statement made by Michelle Obama stuck with me.
It was the bit about "what do you wanna be when you grow up?". Where she says that there is no end to growing. To becoming yourself. One phase after the other.
It's exactly my way of seeing things.
It's just that I had never heard anybody say it out loud until this interview.

There is a thing called "growing up".
But there is no thing like "I have finished growing up".
Life is just about going on and on and on.
You grow.
You make mistakes. Sometimes.
Other times you get it right.
You learn.
You start over. Or you continue doing what you are doing until it doesn't feel right any longer. Or you keep on going because it feels right.
It's fun.
It's hard (sometimes).
It's awesome (most of the times).
And it never ends. Which is even more awesome.
The notion that growing up never ends (well, besides the obvious one!), feels liberating to me.
To you as well?
It's like Michelle Obama said.
You just put one phase after the other.
Well, hers are certainly not mine. And yours are not mine either. And vice versa.
Growing up is more about actual growing than about growing up (which implies some kind of end).
I like that very much.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Clothes Line

My neighbors, an elderly couple, like to do things the old-fashioned way. Like cutting the gras with an mecanical lawn mower. No fancy electric or good old motor powered machine for this guy! No sir.
And then there is the clothes line in summer time.
Every summer.
Bang on time.
The line goes from one tree to the other. On the first really hot day, their bed sheets flap in the wind! White bed sheets, mind you. Nothing fancy there either!

I just love it.
Makes me think of when I was a girl, watching my mother pegging out washing.
It makes me remember how it felt to sleep in sun-dried sheets.
The smell!
I'll never forget that particular smell.
That particular feeling.
Sweet memories.
Thank you neighbors!

Friday, July 15, 2016


Every day some other sad news. Killings, deaths, brutality all over the world ... what is going on?

Remembering Chincoteague Island, Virginia

I am pretty proud of these macro pictures I took!


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Remembering Chincoteague Island, Virginia

I actually never told you much about this place. It was the last place I visited and by then I was in wonderful state of mind and wasn't much into updating my blog.
Well, it's never too late, is it?
A magic place, Chincoteague Island, it was. A truly magic place.
A place that made me remember why I travel in the first place but I had told you about it (
And even though it rained most of my second day, it felt good to be there. Just be there. Walking the park's trail, stopping my car to let a turtle walk by (walk? well, an euphemism hahaha), being baffled to see a snake cross my road, seeing wild rabbits and all the birds, the herons? Well, wonderful. And not to forget the wild ponies. You don't believe me? Well, I had read about them but I was sure that I wouldn't be seeing them. Well, I did. There were far away but nevertheless. I saw them.
Like I said.
Most of the tourist just went to the beach. Therefore, the trails and all the other places (like the lighthouse) weren't crowded. Often I got off my car and there was no noise. NO NOISE. Can you imagine that? In our world places where there is no noise are getting rare. It was balm to my soul.

view from the light house

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Remembering Ocean City, Maryland

As over here it's raining again (what else?) (at least my car is getting washed!), I thought that it'd be the ideal day to sort out my pictures and share some of them with you.
Ocean City Maryland
Where I spent three days doing nothing else as enjoying the sun, getting a tan and reading a book (well, it was my e-reader hahaha). And taking long long walks in the morning, accompanied by dolphins (but I had already told you about it

These were truly lazy days!

the picture was taken in the morning - before the hordes arrived. I didn't envy the guard's job in the afternoon!

the swimming pool

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Remembering: St. Michaels on Chesapeake Bay

Daily routine has me back - at least a bit. The sun is shining (summer is finally here! yeah!) and I am busy with work and meeting friends (and telling about my trip).
Nonetheless, I haven't forgotten that I wanted to post some pictures of the last three places I visited.
Today, it's about St. Michaels on Chesapeake. Remember? It's the place where I felt at home. And even now, thinking back to this place, I simply feel good. It's like balm for my soul or something. I was just thinking today how wonderful it's be to rent a house on Chesapeake Bay and stay there for a week or two. Just stay there... Oh well, dreaming is allowed, right?

But now let's share some pictures!

I just loved the cute little shops in the cute little houses!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Welcome Back

When you're having a good time, then usually time not only goes by, no, it flies by! I can't believe that I am back home already. Can you?
Oh well, it was a bit depressing coming back yesterday because ... of the rain. I left, almost three weeks ago, on a rainy morning and came back ... on another rainy morning. Made me want to take the first flight available to somewhere where the sun shines! Jetlag made me groggy (we had a very bumby flight and I slept little on the plane) which helped with the not dwelling on it too much part and luckily the sun is back today!
I will go through all my pictures in the next couple of days and share some of them with you. Never easy to pick the most beautiful ones!
I want to share one right away though. Taken on my last evening, sitting on my balcony (hotel room with a view!), enjoying an amazing sunset. Wow. Just wow. As if nature made it on purpose, just for me. Saying goodbye without words!

sunset on Chincoteague Island