Monday, December 26, 2016

1 of 12 Wishes for 2017

Picture: Insel Mainau, Lake Constance, Germany

My Wishes For 2017

I thought that it would be nice to send out my wishes to you (and the universe) for this 2017. I thought of 12 wishes (one for every month of the coming year). Wishes for myself, for you, for our world. And more. Wishes for how I'd like to be, for how I'd like to behave this coming year.
Each day, for the next 12 days, I'll meditate on the one word and then I'll sent it out there. Hoping for the best!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

2017 Is Just Around The Corner

Can you believe it? In 8 days it will be 2017! 2017!!! Sounds like something way way in my future but no... it's just around the corner.
I love December (I had written about the Advent Season). I particularly like the time between Christmas and New Year. In between kind of days. The year is almost over (and with it everything that happened - the good and the bad). The new year not here yet (with all its surprises).

Time to look back. To think about all the places I've been. To think back at all the lessons learned. At all the new people I met and the ones who still accompany me. I feel grateful.

Time to look forward. A new year. Like a blank sheet of paper. I can start writing a new page of my life. New travels. New people. New places. New challenges. And I am grateful for that as well.
These in between days, in between Christmas and New Year, are neither here nor there. The old is over, the new yet to discover.
I plan to enjoy them fully.


6 of 12 Wishes for 2017

Picture: Chincoteague Island, VA, USA

5 of 12 Wishes for 2017

Picture: Marseille, France

4 of 12 Wishes for 2017

Picture: Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

3 of 12 Wishes for 2017

Picture: Monte Albán, Mexico

2 of 12 Wishes for 2017

Picture: Hierve el Agua, Mexico

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Home Made Beauty Products

Only yesterday I was going on about maybe starting to make my own beauty products and ... today I just came across this article about Lauren Singer. Isn't life wonderful? And am I right in not believing in coincidences?? 
I knew about Lauren's website Trash Is For Tossers but I will have to spend more time checking it out ...
I am super excited to starting my own beauty products!!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Less Plastic

As part of my "trying to live a more authentic life, a more conscious life" there are not only steps like learning to say no or spirituality in general.
There is more to that. Every day things like ... consuming less, producing less waste, eating healthy.
Let's call it "to go green" here. I want to think about it more, do more about it too and subsequently write more about it as well.
Let's start with "less plastic".
We drown in plastic. Literally. When I started to notice where I use plastic in my everyday life, I was shocked. Plastic is everywhere! And most of the times I use "it" only once and then throw it away. I do recycle plastic whenever I can, but many "things" are simply not recyclable. I decided that it was time to change my way of doing things. My way of buying things. My way of using things.
The aim is to use less plastic.

So, my quest began SMILE Some of my life's plastic items were easily replaceable.
I drink tapped water and avoid plastic bottles in general (wine luckily comes in glass bottles haha).
Laundry detergent was another big plastic bottle. I now buy the brand who sells the detergent in a cardboard box (cardboard is recycleable). My disposable razors became ... an electric one (why didn't I think of that earlier??). Then came the vegetable bags. In the supermarket I no longer buy my vegetables and fruits in plastic bags. I use cloth bags now. They are reusable and I carry them with me every time I go grocery shopping.
I could go on and on (but I don't want to bore you). Fact is that I do my grocery shopping more consciously these days. I always buy the organic and local version of anything anyway. Now I also check if there is a similar one that is "greener" (no plastic etc.). I'm really getting good at that and I realize that grocery shopping is, like every aspect of our life, a matter of habit! Habits can be changed, luckily!!

Then there is some other stuff that is impossible to get plastic-free. Like body lotion. Or shampoo. Or toothpaste. Or deodorant. I will have to find a brand who takes back the bottles or then I'll have to start "producing" the stuff myself. mmmh. Producing my own toothpaste? Why not? It's like baking bread. At least you know what it's inside :-) I will have to do some research on that. And ideas?

While writing these words, I realized that there are three aspects of my life that are not green at all.
1) I am no vegetarian. I do like meat. I do not have to eat meat every day but not meat at all? Oh my!
Solution: I could do a no meat week per month.

2) I drive a car. I love driving my car!
Solution: Be more conscious. Could I take the bus, the train instead to go where I want to go?

3) Traveling by plane. Oh my, that one is difficult to pass up on. Very difficult!
Two solutions come to my mind: donate money for every air mile (organizations like myclimate). And travel by train whenever possible.

This new quest of mine is quite exciting. I do love to question my habits from time to time!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Soundtrack of your Life

I was listening to Brett Eldredge's "I Wanna Be That Song" (one of my favorite songs these days!) when one sentence in particular stuck:
"Every life has a soundtrack".

Music has been important all my life, even though I never learnt to play a musical instrument (it's on my bucket list!). 
Some of my friends are "one kind of music" kind of guys and girls. Like "Rock music forever", or "House music forever" etc. It's like with fashion. Some people find their style and stick to it their whole life.
I am more an eclectic kind of woman. In music and in fashion SMILE
The first album that I bought with my own money was Michael Jackson's "Thriller" (that's a moment I won't ever forget!). Before that I listened to music cassettes that my parents bought me. That would be ABBA.
Neue Deutsche Welle comes to my mind as well (ah the eighties!), Italo Disco as well (when I started going out on Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon with my girlfriends - have I mentioned that I not only love music but I adore dancing as well???).
So many phases since then. The Simon & Garfunkel phase while living in Paris (I walked the dog twice a day and my walkman was part of the ritual!). A decade of House Music (in almost all its forms) (and the clubs that went with this music as well obviously!) followed. Classic Music came next. Pop, R&B and lately New American Country.

So, I agree with Brett: every life does have a soundtrack. And my life's soundtrack and its chapters reflect my different life stages perfectly.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

10 Steps to Happiness

I found this on Facebook. I thought that maybe you'd love these 10 steps as much as I do!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Spiritual Quest

What does being on a spiritual quest imply?
Do I need to spend some time in an Indian Ashram?
Practice yoga?
Meet with other spiritually minded people?

I, for instance, have been on a spiritual journey since my twenties. I have never been to an Ashram and have taken up yoga only a couple of years ago. My spiritual quest so far has been more about getting to know myself better. As I am a person "who needs to understand", it has been about what's going on in my head and in my heart. I added my body to the whole equation when I took up yoga classes.
It has been a wonderful journey so far!

Recently though I started understanding that a spiritial quest is even more faceted.
I realized that my spiritual journey should, at some point, be reflected in how I live my everyday life. How I go on about the little things in my everyday life.
How do I treat my friends/my parents/my brother/my neighbors/strangers on the train etc.
How do I talk to strangers? Am I polite and do I smile?
Am I patient and gentle with elderly people (when they don't do things as quick as I want them to do?).
Same goes for kids. Animals. Nature.
Do I respect and accept other's opinions? Other ways of being?

It's good and needful to get to know yourself better. To have a strong body and mind.
It's the way I behave on the outside though that reflects my real inner (spiritual) being.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Advent Season

As much as I love summer time and as much as I dread the beginning of winter each year, there is one month of this (dark) part of the year that pleases me.
Yes, I love December.
Not because it's cold outside or because it gets dark at 5 pm. And I certainly do not like the Christmas shopping madness! Those I could do without, easily.
What I like about December it's the Christmas decoration all over the city, the houses, the streets.
Makes this darkest period of the year so bright and so calm!

I look outside of my window and see the fir tree that gets decorated with plenty of lights by our city.
I come home at night to the illuminated (wooden) elk that my landlady puts in the frontyard.
To look at these decorations makes me feel good. Calm and bright.


Friday, November 25, 2016

Control and Power

Honestly speaking? These days, when I read the news or think about what's going on in our world (the injustices, the pollution of our world/oceans/air, the wars, the refugees - just to name a few of them) I feel overwhelmed. In despair. Powerless. Sad.
Then I came upon the above words.

What wonderful words. They made me realize that I can not only control "things" that seemed so big, so uncontrollable, so "far away" but I can also change them.
How do I do this?
Every one of us knows for what or whom his heart beats. Like:
Our planet.
People who live on the margins of our society, like prostitutes, homeless people etc.
You name it and then I go for it.

But then come the doubts, I can hear them loud and clear: What do you mean "go for it"? How can my little self change animal cruelty? Or pollution? Or solve the refugees situation?
You can.
You can decide not to buy a product. To boycott consumerism by not buying useless stuff. To donate money to support an association or an NGO. You can demonstrate. You can volonteer. The list is endless! Think about it and got for it! It's time to speak up. Not only. It's time to stand for what you love and what you believe in. There lies the power.
It needs to come from the bottom of your heart though. Every action that comes from the bottom of your heart is stronger than fear or hate or stupidity. So much stronger.

Doing nothing is no longer an option.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Let Go and Have Faith

That's it. The trees have lost all their leaves (at least where I live).
It's the perfect time, in my opinion, to do the same. To let go of everything that is bad for you. To settle issues. To look at things/problems closely and to solve them. To clean up your closet. (Add to this list whatever is important for you.)
We shouldn't be afraid of letting old stuff or people who are not good for us go. Or do you know of a tree that desperately tries to hold on to its leaves? A tree that glues the "old" leaves back to their branches? LOL Obviously not.
They let go.
What it's wonderful with nature though is that they let go knowing that in spring the leaves will come back. They accept what is and have faith on what will be.
Even though I am not a huge fan of winter (you know that!), I love this notion of letting go and having faith in what will come!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thinking Back: Madrid

It has been a short trip - just a couple of days. It felt good to go away - sometimes I just need to go away for a couple of days ... to think other thoughts, to change my routine. Does me good :-)

I liked Madrid ... but I didn't lose my heart to it. If I would have to describe the city in one word then it would be grand. This word kept popping up in my head while I was wandering around the city. Grand. The buildings. The monuments. The streets. The museums.
Oh, I particularly liked the museums. The Prado? Amazing. The Guernica painting in the "Centro de Arte Reina Sofia"? Breathtaking and upsetting at the same time. The Thyssen-Bornemisza museum? My favorite!
I also walked the streets a lot, enjoying the blue skies and the warm temperatures. But my heart? Brought it back with me. Didn't leave, not even a single piece of it, there. But then, I can't go on leaving pieces of my heart all over the world, right?
Here some pictures

Plaza Major

View from the Palacio Real: the city is huge ... and look how flat the land is!

CaixaForum and the "Jardin vertical"

Monday, November 14, 2016


Wandering around Madrid

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Love is Stronger than Fear

I usually don't talk about politics or what's going on in the world in this blog. 
Then yesterday morning happened (US presidential election) and it added to the feelings I have accumulated in my heart ever since this summer when waking up to the outcome of the Brexit election.


I don't want to live in a world where fear is the compass. Where hate is the normal.
I want a world where we can live together, thrive together, evolve together. Respect each other.
A healthy planet. Where the water and the air are clean.
A world where having a different skin color (or style or dress size), having other ideas, a different nationality or view of life is looked at as something to learn from not something to be afraid of.

Does this sound like some Yogi-BS to you? Not to me. At least, not any longer.
Living or trying to live a conscious life made me realize that ALL change starts with ourselves. Therefore, the question to ask myself is:

We talk about this during Yoga practice all the time but I actually didn't really get it until yesterday morning (there, something positive came out of it!). We talk about not getting angry or mad at others or about what others do. There may be a reason for them to be the way they are. To act the way they do. Or maybe not. It's not important.
Love is important.
To love ourselves for who and what we are.
To love the others for who and what they are. 
I get it now. Love really is the first step to change! 
Then we can start working on respect, on getting a healthy planet, on learning from others.
Only then.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Last Supper

Everybody (may) know Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece "The Last Supper" but seeing it in person yesterday in Milan? Took my breath away!
It was a perfect moment.
We had to get our tickets for our 15 minutes slot (yes, you've seen right: 15 as in fifteen minutes) weeks in advance but it was totally worth it.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

What to Do When Overthinking Takes Over

The other day, at the end of our numerology class, I was complaining about the fact that these last couple of days/weeks I have been kind of overthinking everything and that my head was just so full of thoughts and ideas that I felt overwhelmed by them.

My teacher was not surprised by my words (apparently it's something that is written in my numbers, the overthinking part, I mean). She suggested that I start writing down my thoughts.

Writing down my thoughts? I was puzzled. How the hell was I supposed to write down ALL of my thoughts? There are (at least these days) too many of them. I wouldn't know where to start.

She suggested to start with asking myself a precise question concerning my overthinking, kind of putting the reason of my overthinking into one question.
Funnily enough, the question came to me almost immediately (interesting, don't you think?).
Then during 40 days, every day, I would have to write down every single answer that would cross my mind when asking myself this question.
And most importantly: to write down every single thought WITHOUT ANY CONSTRAINTS.

I decided to give it a try. It couldn't be worse than the actual confusion in my head.

First surprise: Who would have guessed that my own mind would actually censor its own thoughts?
I noticed that, while writing down one of my thoughts, another one followed. The one that said "no, why write it down, it's not feasable. It's not this or that." (emphasis on the "no" part, you got that, right?).
Do you believe it? My own mind censoring its thoughts? UNACCEPTABLE.

Second surprise: It really helps putting my thoughts in writing. Some thoughts, once written on a paper, don't come back to me. Others though keep coming back again and again.
I feel relieved. LIBERATED. Lighter.
My mind is much quieter since I started this experiment (I'm into day 12) and I can't wait to find out where this is going and what other suprises will await me!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Other's World: Refugees (Part One)

Irina is the daughter of a very good friend of mine. I saw her growing up and become a wonderful woman, full of energy and willingness to help others.
From time to time (whenever her working schedule allows it) she is off to foreign lands to help others. Her heart especially beats for kids (she works as a care taker for small children when she's at home).
She has been to Africa last year as a volunteer and this year she decided to give her time (and her heart) to the people of a refugee camp near Katerini, Greece. I admire her courage and her big heart!
When I read her interview of one of the refugees (she's done it for the association she went to Greece with), I decided that Sammy's (the refugee) words would be perfect for my blog (part two of this post).
In addition, I asked Irina some questions about her experience in Greece.
You'll find the German version of the interview at the bottom.

The Other's World: Refugees (Part Two)

Interviewed by Irina
(for the German version as well as some pictures, please klick on

Who is Sammy? He is a Syrian refugee and lives at Camp Petra in Greece. He gives dancing lessons to the kids of the camp. Not only that though. He speaks up for the people in the camp. He helps out whenever and wherever he can. He built a shower for a woman who couldn't leave her tent due to her paralysis for example. Or he built craddles out of wood.

Sammy, please tell us your story.
I've been to Camp Petra for 4 months now. I haven't had a real home for a long time. I grew up in the suburbs of Shengal. The IS was only 15 minutes away from our village. We saw awful scenes on TV. We saw how they killed people. The whole village fled. It was awful. We also packed what little we possesed and left our village. We ended up in Turkey where I got to stay for 2 years. Afterwards I was sent to Idomeni in a refugee camp. Now I am in Camp Petra and I actually feel lucky. Not everybody has been, unfortunately.

Tell us something about your childhood.
I haven't had a nice childhood. My family was very poor and we didn't have any money. I didn't even have clothes of my own. I had to borrow some from my friends. Other kids were laughing at me. From an early age, we struggled to survive.

Now in Camp Petra you teach kids how to dance. For many of them you are a role model. Where did you learn to dance?
I taught myself everything. I never attended a class. There wouldn't have been any money for it. I watched the videos on YouTube and tried to imitate the moves. 

Where do you get the energy to get up every day?
I see how dancing gives the kids a sense in their everyday life. They are so young and they already have experienced so much. Dancing ought to give them back something. The kids learn how to externalize bad feelings and it helps them to process emotional and mental pain. When I look at the kids while they dance, I am happy. I want to do everything to allow them a better future. I am always there for them. 24 hours a day.
Which is your wish for the people that live here?
I wish for all these families to be united again and to be able to live in a secure and peaceful place. I wish for a future for these people. This isn't only my wish. It's the wish of everybody here!

And what about your very personal wish?
My personal  wishes are unimportant. I wish for the wishes of these kids here to come true. At that moment my biggest wish will have come true as well.

Is there something else you want to add?
I want to thank the organizations like Borderfree. You allow me to do what I do with the kids. We need your help. The wood I got to built the craddle, for example. And all the other stuff that you provided. I am very thankful for all that!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Perfect Moment

Feeling a Little Blue

Do you ever feel a little blue? I do, not so often, thankfully, but I still do. Like yesterday, for instance. No apparent reason.
Just feeling a little blue.
I didn't dwell on it too much though. I accept that there are days and then there are other days.
My coping mechanisms have changed over the years, I just realized yesterday! A couple of years ago, during an "I feel blue" day like yesterday, I would have:
  • gone shopping or
  • eaten my way through my fridge or
  • talked about "it" over and over and over again, hoping to feel better.
Until I realized that all that was of no help because
a) shopping was no good for my budget (and while feeling blue one should never ever ever try on some pants in a badly lit dressing room! Obviously on one of these days EVERYTHING made me look fat and ugly and whatever you can think of. SMILE Therefore, not only bad for my bank account but also for my self-esteem!).

b) Eating only helped for a short time. Getting fatter though was no good for my mood on the long term (which is worse than feeling a little blue for one day!).

c) Talking wasn't helping either because, honestly, most of the times I don't even know WHY I feel the way I feel on one of these days. Therefore, talking is just useless. On the contrary, it often made me feel worse because it became bigger than it really was.

So, what do I do these days when I feel a little blue?
I let it go by.
I go on doing what I usually do and wait it out.
Experience has shown me that it goes away.
I accepted that feeling blue from time to time is part of life.
It'd be different if I'd feel blue several days a month. Then I'd probably talk to someone about it. But just a couple of days a year? No big deal.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Friday, October 7, 2016

Bye Bye Summer!

I was on Pinterest, scrolling through the pins, when I read the above words. Exactly my thoughts!
I don't know how the weather is where you're from, but in Switzerland we went from very nice (late) summer weather with nice temperatures ... to autumn (I'd almost say winter) temperatures from almost one day to the other.

A shock. Each year it's a shock. EACH YEAR. You'd think that I'd be used to this (not living in Hawaii or elsewhere where the weather is always nice and warm ... oh my, don't make me think about it! I'll start crying!), but no, I actually am not. Not at all.
What can I do though (besides moving to a warmer place hahaha)? Nothing. Just wearing warm clothes again (and it's harder this year because I still have tanned feet and arms - it's a pity to hide them!!). Spending evenings at home, wearing socks and warm sweaters. Hoping for this mood to move on (it always moves on - luckily for me .. and for you haha).

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Capturing Perfect Moments

was just thinking (Help us! She's thinking again haha!!). I just posted this picture on Instagram with the hashtag #perfectmoments
So I thought, why not starting a new series of pictures of perfect every day moments?
This is the first picture. Taken near from where I live. Let me think about this idea of mine a bit more. And let me look for #perfect moments.
Why not? I'm a strong believer of enjoying the small wonderful moments of life. This serie would match well with my believe, don't you think?
I'll keep you updated!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Learning to Say No

I have the hardest of times to say no.
I lie (uuuh shame on me!).
I make excuses.
I over-explain myself.
I put on my noncommitted face and keep quiet.
But actually just say no? Just saying, thank you, but no thank you?
Uh, so difficult!

Time to learn, I decided a couple of months ago. I want to live an authentic life, and saying no, simply, gently, with no lies, no excuses and no explaining more than necessary, is an important part thereof.

Well, easy to say. Not so easy to do for me. Especially the part of "how much do I explain"? Do I really just say thank you, but no thank you? Or do I at least add some reasons for my no? (still unsure about it - I'm always afraid of being perceived as rude ... so stupid, I know, but hey, can't change overnight, right?).

In the meantime, I found out that saying no is easier on guys. I was telling a male friend of mine about one occasion where I wanted to say no, but then thought it'd be rude of me and I kind of said "maybe, we'll see" instead of "no". I didn't find the courage to simply say no. **Sigh** (and now I have a messy situation in my hands - **deep-drawn sigh**)
You know what my (male) friend had to say to all that?
He just rolled his eyes and went: Simonetta, just tell them no. What's so difficult about it?

Yeah right, what's so difficult about it?

Monday, September 26, 2016

Hiking along Lake Constance

Sunny autumn days are ideal to do some hiking ... yesterday along Lake Constance!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Same But Not

A friend of mine is in the middle of a "who do I want to be for the rest of my life" kind of crisis. Wisely, this friend of mine, not knowing where exactly to begin changing things, started of with the one thing she knows: unfulfilled dreams.
One of these was ... harvesting grapes. You know. The real thing. Where you get to cut and gather the grapes. In a real winery. She wanted to, her words, "doing something with her hands instead of sitting behind a desk all day" and as she is currently in between jobs, why not experiencing it?
(As I am writing these words, she is harvesting her grapes, feeling good!)

Listening to her telling me about this particular dream, made me think of my aunt. The eldest of my mother's 4 sisters. This lady (who today is 80 and lives in Italy) spent many years coming to the French part of Switzerland (the Lake Geneva region) to earn money harvesting grapes. She didn't do it because "you know, I am sick and tired of working behind a computer screen" but because she needed the money for her family. Every year in spring and in autumn she traveled to Switzerland, doing this really hard job (6 days a week, in every kind of weather). She usually stayed 4 to 6 weeks. I know how hard it was on her because I visited her quite a few times when I was living in Lausanne. I saw the fatigue in her eyes. Her hands' condition. Neverthless, she came back, year after year (until her health put a stop to it). Earning (in my opinion by far not enough for this kind of job) money to pay the bills back home.

If I'd tell my aunt about this friend of mine, my auntie would probably laugh out loud. She'd tell her to be lucky "to have a job behind a computer screen" "where you don't have to get up early and be outside in every kind of weather". My aunt wouldn't understand that it's not about earning money. She'd laugh at the notion of "finding a sense to my life". A totally alien notion to her.

I am by no means glorifying the old times here. But I am not glorifying our times either (I know that not everybody in the Western World can indulge in notions like "finding sense to one's life").

It's just the way it is.
I thought it was a nice story to tell. About a job and how it's perceived in a different way.
I am proud of my friend and her courage to live her dream.
I am proud of my aunt. She was (and still is) a hard worker and made the best out of what she had.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Friday, September 16, 2016

Sometimes, Change Is What We Need

For the last 4 years, I've shared an office with two other girls. Before that, I used to work at home but when I moved into my one bedroom apartment, there was no longer enough space.

This shared office thing seemed the perfect solution at that time: I wanted to commute to the city center again. I wanted to live the city again. Having lunch around the corner. Going places after work. Feeling the city energy. But, most important, I wanted to share my working days with other people again (after years of working alone).

I was happy.
I was. Really. Until I wasn't any longer.
I don't know exactly when it occured. It happened slowly. I didn't realize it until .... this June, when one of the girls decided to quit. When we started talking about possible solutions for the remaining two of us ... and I realized that ... I wanted to quit as well!
And that made me happy. Very happy!
Relieved even!
How did that happen? I didn't see it coming, I swear!
So I quit. At the end of August.
It felt so liberating (shockingly so).
I don't want to go into all the details of why this place and the people no longer made me happy. Small things but accumulated? Not good for me any longer. But it's over now. I'm just glad that I realized it (and am grateful to the third girl that she decided to quit!).
It felt like when you are in a relationship that, deep down, you know is no longer good for you but you somehow ignore all the signs and your feelings and go on being in it. Knowing better. Doing nothing.

So, here I am, looking for a new office. A different one as I am a different person today. With different needs than 4 years ago.
I want one near my home (attainable by car). The city no longer interests me. Going there from time to time during my spare time is sufficient (isn't this interesting? I really have changed!)
I want a bright and nice office. With natural light!
And I no longer crave colleagues. I am good working all by myself. I meet enough people in my non-professional life :-)

Meanwhile, I work from home. Waiting for my perfect office to turn up!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Birthday Present

Last Sunday was my birthday. Usually, like the good Virgo I am (hahaha), I like to organize my day well in advance. Not so this year. With all the stuff that happened these last couple of weeks (I will have to tell you about my moving out from the office community I was working from and about "letting go of things and people) and with my days spent in Cattolica, I somehow totally forgot about my birthday.
Until two days before my actual birthday. Which was way too late for anybody to still have time to do anything with me (people are no good at short-term, don't you agree?).
Well, no big deal. I'd find something that'd please me.
Something good to start this new year.
Guess my choice?

A (short) trip, obviously.
I've always wanted to go on a boat trip on Lake Lucerne (I drive by this lake whenever I go to Italy and each time I think that I want to visit once, not just drive by).
The weather was ideal for a boat trip (hot and sunny) and as I absolutely love boat trips, what better way to spend MY day? And it was a wonderful day!

the famous wooden bridge of Lucern

it felt good to be a tourist in my own country

I love it when the world is made of different shades of the same color!

I so love the color of this lake - so different from the one I usually look at (Lake Zurich)

September light