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The 12 Days of Christmas

During my last yoga class of this year, my teacher was telling us about the "12 Weihnachtstage" (also known as "Rauhnächte" in German) (in English: The 12 Days of Christmas). I don't wanna go into more details (look it up on Internet if you are interested in getting to know more).
Anyway, while she was telling us about her personal ritual she would do during these days, I thought of how nice it would be to think of 12 wishes for the next year and to share them with you.

Therefore I thought of 12 words / 12 wishes for 2016.
I looked through my photos and picked 12 pictures that I love.
My new software combined the two.

I can't wait to share the outcome with you (starting tomorrow!).

The last days of a year and the first ones are magical in my opinion. The energy is different somehow. After the bustling energy of the days before Christmas suddenly there is peace.
There is time to think of the year that is almost over.
There is time to think of the new year. Of things to come.


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My World - My Travels: San Sebastian de la Gomera vs. Oaxaca

Yesterday I was looking through my thousands of pictures (I was working on an idea I had during yoga on Thursday!!) when I realized how similar the houses of San Sebastian de la Gomera and Oaxaca were. I had already realized this fact in March, during my Oaxaca stay, but seeing these pictures so many months later ... wow, it just amazed me again!
You can actually "see" history with your own eyes. The Spaniards simply built the same kind of houses they knew from back home. Well, at least this is how I explain such similarities!

San Sebastian de la Gomera


Friday, December 18, 2015


On Tuesday I said "adiós" to my old car! I am happy to own a new one, don't get me wrong, and am even happier that I now own a "modern" car where I can listen to my music from my iPod, connect my smartphone too and talk to people over a hand-free speaking system (not that I intend to do a lot of talking while driving!). And it looks so stylish! Awesome.

Saying bye-bye to my old car though was like ... saying goodbye to an old travel companion. I am usually not attached to stuff. I am by no means a hoarding kind of girl. But my car, .... well, it was different.
I bought it almost 10 years ago. It was a Saturday in February, I remember it well because that day it snowed like it hadn't in ages! I drove home from the garage and I was soaked in sweat when I reached my appartment. The road conditions were awful (it snowed so much in so little time) and the next morning, I actually had to shovel it free (I had to find it first). Hilarious!
A couple of months later, it was May, I left for Italy (that's why I bought the car in the first place) for an unknown period of time. I had quit my job and my appartment. My furniture was in my parent's garage and I decided to live with what I could put into my (little) car. I had no idea what I wanted to do. How long I was gonna stay. I just knew that I needed a change and that I wanted to spend some time in Italy.

What I didn't know back then was that my decision "to go" would turn into what I today call my gypsy existence. For the next almost 5 years I spent a couple of months in Italy and then a couple of months in Switzerland. Driving back and forth with my car. I never made an actual decision that I wanted this kind of life. It simply happened and I was super happy about it!
So, for years my little car and I drove from Italy to Switzerland and back again. The car filled to the brim! Hilarious. You should have seen it :-)
In Italy I wrote (what ended in me having this blog!), I read, I thought, I met new people. I spend time alone as well. I "was".
In Switzerland, I worked crazy hours to earn enough money to go back to Italy to practice "being".

What I didn't know back then was that these years would fundamentally change my life and my soul.
I learned to"go with the flow"! I hadn't known I had in me but ... hey, I did!
There were also bad moments, full of doubts and not knowing. Where would I live / sleep next? Would I find a job?
The freedom behind it though was liberating. NOT knowing all the details of my life all the time, left me with the possibilites. I was free to pick whatever life would offer me.
A liberating experience. Scary sometimes, but liberating nonetheless.
It taught me courage to see my ideas through to the end.
It taught me to believe in my intuition.

It taught me how generous life can be when you are open and accepting.
It taught me patience.
I learned to wait for the right moment.
I learned to detect the right moment.
I learned to accept help.
I started listening to my inner voice.

Does this all sound too cheesy for you? Well, I feel cheesy today :-) And don't even think for a second that I master all of the above. NO WAY. The learning process started back then and it's still a work in progress! But what an amazing turn of events!

Buying a car back then was the first step into this new life.
Selling it on Tuesday made me think of all the above and it felt like a closing.

PS: At some point I got tired of this back and forth kind of life and when I didn't find a new temporary job, I decided that it was time to call it an end!

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Do you like? I have downloaded this software that helps me work on my pictures and add some texts. I am still learning but I like this one pretty much :-)

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Magic

A couple of days ago, I was parking my car on my street when I noticed a young girl on the sidewalk. I had never seen the girl (but I don't know everybody in the neighborhood, I have to admit). As soon as I got out of the car, the girl started talking to me.
It felt like she couldn't wait to tell someone.
She looked totally excited. Her eyes big. Her voice high.

"Have you seen Santa Claus just over there?" she asked, pointing her finger down the street.

I had just come from there and I honestly hadn't seen Santa Claus.

"Santa Claus?" I replied. "No sorry, sweetie, I have not seen him. Where was he?"

"Just down there." She pointed her finger again. "He was in a car."
She stopped speaking, her eyes getting bigger. Her voice full of magic.
"I have seen Santa Claus driving by in a car!" she marveled.

I just wanted to reply when she turned her head, noticing the two people coming down the stairs.
"Grandma! Grandpa!" she yells. "I have just seen Santa Claus driving by by car! Can you believe it?"

I walked away - I no longer was a conversation partner. And I smiled. A big smile! She had just made my day. So cute. So innocent.
She had probably seen some guy disguised as Santa Claus who just came back from a job at the shopping mall. I hand't noticed. But the girl had. And that made her day too!

Sunday, December 6, 2015


A couple of weeks ago my yoga teacher forwarded me an e-mail that she had received from a friend of hers. This friend (and 7 other people) were planning to collect clothes, blankets, food, medicine, etc. and by 4 December they wanted to be at the Slowenian border in order to distribute the stuff to the refugees blocked at that border (lots of kids amongst them!). They also hoped to collect money to be able to cook warm meals on site for these people (they have a mobile kitchen). They call their group "Beyond Borders Convoy". They were asking people to help.

I read the e-mail and was immediately excited about the idea. I wanted to help. I knew though that I wouldn't be able to contribute with clothes or other stuff (I don't own much stuff). I thought about what I could do. I decided to forward the e-mail to some friends of mine, offering that I would pick up the stuff at their house (if they had anything to donate) and to bring everything to the collecting point of the "Beyond Borders Convoy".
Driving and organizing would be my contribution.
Honestly, I didn't expect any reply.
Oh my.
I was wrong.
I got a lot of replies.
People were enthusiastic!
So, I drove from one home to the other, collecting clothes, shoes, blankets, jackets, and so much more (SO much more, you have no idea how much!).
I had to drive twice to the collecting point to deliver all the stuff I had collected!
I was overwhelmed. With emotions ... and stuff.
I was overwhelmed by people's generosity.
These are my friends.
Isn't it wonderful?
I felt and still feel blessed to know such kind people.

I follow the group's journey to Slowenia (on Facebook!) and apparently things are going well. (By the way,  THEY were overwhelmed by people's generosity, too!)
I admire people who not only talk about things but DO them.
Really. Admirable.

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My World - My Travels: La Gomera

Friday night. In a restaurant with a friend. Talking about traveling and places to visit (what else?). We compare La Gomera to a Greek island my friend visited this year. And we start to rave about La Gomera (we both have been there, independently from each other, and we both loved our time there!). At some point the conversation turns to the Finca we stayed in (I stayed 6 days in a B&B and 4 days in this finca).
This finca? A wonderful place. A wonderful location.
...the sea on one side...

.... the mountain on the other...
It's just that, each time I think of my stay in this finca ... I think about cockroaches! Yes, cockroaches.

This was my little house. The first time in my traveler life that I have been upgraded for no money. I was thrilled! Cute little place to stay in, don't you think?

I, at least, thought so. During day time. Night time was another story. Let's keep this story short and let's just say that I shared my room with ... cockroaches (and geckos and small lizards as well, but those, I don't mind ... much hihihi).
I HATE cockroaches. Really. Disgusting little things.
So, let's just say that I enjoyed my days at this finca but didn't sleep well during my four days stay! I dreamt of ... not let's please just NOT go there.