Sunday, November 1, 2015

My World - My Travels: Portofino, Liguria, Italia

Whenever I think back to my three days spent in Portofino (Liguria), the word that crosses my mind is: soothing. The place literally soothed my heart and my mind.
I needed to be soothed because just the day before I left for this short trip my sister-in-law and my parents had a huge fight. Well, it wasn't a fight in the real sense of the word. My sister-in-law lost ... her mind and her tongue for a minute there and just yelled all her frustration and piled up anger about something that my parents did or did not do (and I later found out that most of it wasn't even related to my parents - they were just handy to yell at!). It was heavy. I know my parents, I know that they are far from being perfect - but being yelled at from another person was hard to watch. It hurt my heart. I didn't say anything right at that moment (because of my nephews and because it wasn't my fight) but later on I discussed/made my thoughts clear to my sister-in-law and helped my parents understand why she acted the way she did.
My heart and my mind were heavy when I left for Liguria by train. I had wanted to cancel the whole thing but then, no, I thought it would do me good.
And it did.
This place was wonderful for my soul. It was raining two days out of three. I didn't mind. I walked and walked and walked. From Santa Maria Ligure (where my hotel was) to Portofino and back. I went to Cinque Terre by train and walked some more. I absorbed the wonderful scenery and my heart and soul healed.

PS: My sister-in-law apologized to my parents and to me as well. It took awhile for us to forget her break-out (words can hurt a lot) but as in my family we aren't resentful... And my sister-in-law has changed as well since then. She's worked on her behaviour and now thinks before she speaks :-)

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