Friday, November 20, 2015

Grown Up

I spent my last weekend with my 6 year old nephew. A cute little boy and he was so happy to have found the courage to spend the night with his aunt that ... I can't describe the happiness in his eyes. I say "courage" because it took him quite the courage to spend the night away from home without his brother and his sister. He, being the middle child of 3, isn't used to being without his siblings and therefore spending the night at my house wasn't easy for him. But he made it! What a boy!

Well, before I go on and on about how happy he was during the hours spent with me (you know, at 6 little things make you happy - and shouldn't that teach us something??), I want to share one question he asked me while sitting in the bus that brought us to the zoo:

Zia (Italian for aunt), what do you wanna be when you grow up?

For a second there I thought he was joking ... asking ME, the notorious "I have no idea what I wanna do kind of girl", just this question? But then, at 6, you don't make jokes about growing up. Growing up is totally important and no joking material (and his face was accordingly serious while asking me this question).
I mumbled some words to distract him but then quickly asked the very same question in return. THAT was what he wanted to talk about. And on and on he went, telling me all he could be when he'll be grown up.
What a boy!

And as it really takes courage to grow up and become who you are (see above quote), I'd say that the boy did his first step last weekend. He spend the night away from home, all alone!

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