Thursday, October 8, 2015

Summer and Winter

It's a funny week ... fashion wise. :-)

On the one hand I am mentally packing my bag for my week in Malta. My weather app says it's 27 °C there (yay!!!!) and I am thinking summer clothes: what do I take? What not? What needs som ironing? Do I still have suncream left? Well, you know, the usual questions...

Then, on the other hand, my mind is on my winter outfits. Especially since I bought the new book of The Sartorialist ( and going through all the wonderful outfits I start dreaming about ... how to dress this upcoming (hopefully not so cold) winter. I have been avoiding the shops so far (read above - my upcoming Malta trip AND the new car I just bought SMILE) but as soon as I will be back ... there will be some serious shopping (and going places like Milan and Como!). I am quite happy with my "winter" closet and I won't need that many new pieces.
Maybe some new trousers (with patterns or colored ones would be nice).
Maybe some new boots with small heels like the ones I just saw on my second favorite blog (

Oh well, these are Stella McCartney and I definitively CANNOT afford Stella McCartney but then, maybe, I will be lucky enough to find some similar-looking ones????

And what about these?
Miu Miu - not suitable for my bank account either, so totally not, but aren't those cute???

Let's head for Malta first and on my return deal with winter fashion...

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