Sunday, October 4, 2015

My World - My Travels: Bettmeralp, Switzerland

I wanted to spend my birthday in a different way and therefore accepted a friend's invitation to spend the weekend in her parent's vacation house in the alps - with another friend of ours. We wanted to spend some nice girl time, talking, doing some hiking, having a good time.
I remember spelling out to the girls, more than once, that I liked hiking but I wasn't what one would call a hardcore hiking girl. I am more or less fit but I am not superfit. They said that the tour they had planned for our hike would be easy.
I remember them saying it: easy.
Oh my. I should have known better. Easy is not EASY to everybody.
Let's just cut a long story short. It was a hell of a hike. 7 hours of it. We got lost two times (I remember them telling me the night before, not to worry, that they knew the region very well!) and I was so tired, so tired. You cannot imagine how tired I was. I wanted to cry. Then there was the thing with the thin air. We were at almost 2200 meters and I didn't know (as I have never been at 2200 meters before) that my body would have such a hard time adjusting. I had slept poorly the night before (thing that is strange to me - I sleep well everywhere!) and after the first hour of hiking I realized that I really had a hard time breathing. I kept breathing and breathing but it was like there wasn't enough air for my lungs.
It was my personal nightmare day.
Even years after, right now writing these lines, I remember how shitty I felt.
I took some very nice pictures nevertheless, my eyes never gave up on seeing what was beautiful and I am thankful for that. It helped me to put one feet in front of the other and keep on going.
You can imagine how happy I was when we left the place on Sunday afternoon.
The alps had never been my favorite place before and they are less so after this incident!

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