Friday, October 23, 2015

Malta: Good Bye!

I am back home!
Temperature wise it has been a shock. I went from 30°C to some 10°C within a couple of hours.
It has been tough!
Otherwise, I am doing good. I have enjoyed my days away and my sun tan makes me look good and healthy :-)
Unfortunately, my last two days in Gozo were strange. The Gods of Travel abandoned me :-) Gozo and I ... we didn't click.  A few places so far, in all my travels, did not speak to me. The last place was Hong Kong. And now Gozo. No emotions. No idea why. Well, that's part of traveling, isn't it? You can't love ALL the places you visit.
The next couple of days I will share some more pictures I have taken. And I will post some words about ... mass tourism as well. I thought a lot about mass tourism during my visit to Malta (thank you crowds!! SMILE) and want to share some thoughts with you later on.

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