Friday, October 16, 2015

Malta: Day Three ... on the Road

Some days are just like ... well, bizzarre. I started my day feeling good. The sun was shining, I had had a wonderful and resting night and I was looking forward to discover Malta some more.

I made it to Marsaxlokk by bus. A cute little town, a cute little bay.

Right? Well, yes but only seen from this side. Would I have taken a picture standing in front of the church, you would have seen
a) on the right hand side a waste inceneration plant and
b) on the left hand side the Malta Freeport with its giant cranes.
Not idyllic at all. A pity actually.
I wanted to go on a walk (as described in my guide) but the place was so surreal that ... I decided to take the bus back to Valletta.
Some days are like these...

My next destination. The Blue Grotto. It was a bit tricky to actually get there. I had to change buses and I find that people are not always helpful (too many tourists can do that to you, I suppose). Well, I got there and recognized the place because ... of the hordes of tourists hahaha
But the Grotto was nice and the Arch (while traveling back) was magnificent.
That made up for my rather shitty start into my third day :-)

To finish what turned out to be a good day nevertheless, I decided to go on a La Valletta Harbor Tour. You know that I love going on boat trips but a boat trip with these views??? Amazing. Awesome. Wonderful.

the harbor is not only for tourist ... it's about business as well!
Another hot and sunny day in Malta, I'd say (don't let the clouds fool you - it's still summer!)

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