Monday, October 19, 2015

Arrived in Gozo

What a strange day! A very strange day. I left La Valletta by bus heading to the Gozo ferries. The bus was super crowded and me with my luggage. Well, let's just say that the more than an hour drive was hell (on Wednesday on my way back to the airport I'll take a cab and I don't care how expensive that's gonna be! I am sick and tired of crowds!). The next crowd was standing in line to get into the ferry and on the ferry no peace either, obviously. I decided to take a cab to my hotel in Gozo because, yes you got it, the crowd in the bus station was ... crazy. I checked in and decided to visit the azure window. And? Yes! Next crowd. On the bus. On the site. On the bus back. Crazy!! Back in Rabat I decided to visit the citadel and found out that both access roads are closed on Mondays. Hilarious. Obviously today the Gods of Travel are not with me.
What to do?
Sometimes there's just nothing you can do.
I went back to the hotel and am now sitting on my balcony, enjoying some fruit and a cold drink, the view and my ereader! And I even decided to have dinner at the hotel!
Hopefully the Gods of Travel will be back with me tomorrow!

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