Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Next Trip: Malta

I am ready for my next trip! Yay! Having had to spend quite a sum of money on my new car (it will be delivered in November / December!), my budget for my October trip has shrunken considerably as you can well imagine! I had wanted to go on a US-trip (Washington and Chesapeake Bay had been my plans) but hey, my new car got the priority, money-wise!

To be honest, I am bit sad not to be able to travel to America (I get some kind of homesickness when I am not able to go there at least every two years!!) but my alternative destination is exciting too: MALTA (in the Mediterranean). I have traveled to Malta some 20 years ago. Back then, with my BFF, we were more interested in ... going clubbing and shopping. We visited some sites back then but I can't remember much. Back then I wasn't that interested in art, architecture and history so it's gonna be like first time visit :-)
Finding a hotel in La Valletta, the capital, and on Gozo (one of the three islands that belong to Malta - Comino being the third!) was quite the challenge! But I got lucky in the end and was even able to pay for my flight with my miles!
All's well that ends well!

Malta I'm coming (well, only on 14 October...)

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