Sunday, September 27, 2015


Last year, while spending a day in Colmar with a friend of mine, we spoke about coming back next year and spending a whole day in the small villages all around Colmar.
We've made it there yesterday.
Alsace is a funny place (besides, obviously!, being cute and wonderful and don't let me start on the flowers! beautiful). It's this strange "mélange" of France and Germany. Many aspects are French. Like the cuisine, the language (not their dialect though - it's something in between French and German - impossible to understand, at least for me!), the way they talk and walk and dress.
In other aspects, they are sooo German. Like they eat lunch at 11.30/12.00!!! I've never seen that in any other place in France. And if you wish to have lunch at, let's say, 3 in the afternoon ... they will tell you that the kitchen is already closed (it happened to an American couple that wanted to have lunch in the restaurant we were drinking a coffee - you should have seen their faces! They wouldn't believe that such places still existed in 2015 hahahaha).
Same goes for dinner. Not before 7 pm and not after 9/9.30 pm!!! Ah, and I forgot. All the shops close at 6.30 pm on Saturday! We are not used to this any longer but I thought it was refreshing! Why do we need to shop 24/7??
Well, anyway, I spend a wonderful day wandering around and absorbing the beauty of the various places we visited!
PS: the wine was excellent, BTW (I wasn't driving so I was allowed). We even stopped at a place where I bought two bottles of Gewürztraminer - one of my favorites white wines!!

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