Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How You Write Says Who You Are

My second job is history now. It was a stressful last two days (but why should the last two days be different from all the others I spend at the place??) and now I am glad it's over.

For this job, I spend many hours proofreading various texts. Written by different people. Texts for brochures, for the Internet, for newspapers. And doing some last proofreading yesterday, I suddenly thought how the way you write something says something about who you are.

There was this one guy, for example, who liked endless sentences which went like:
idea one COMMA idea two COMMA idea three COMMA, etc. etc.
I corrected the sentences, obviously, he not being amused, obviously, me arguing that the readers didn't have HIS mind. That usually did it (everybody likes to be special, right?) and I got to make several sentences out of one long one :-) This kind of writing is a mirror to his being. The guy is very intelligent. Lively. And has all this knowledge in his head, it's incredible. I could ask him WHATEVER (about history, politics, semantics, art - you name it!) and he always knew the answer. An amazing guy. He talks the same way. One idea after the other, at an incredible speed. So why would he write short sentences?

Then there was this woman with her flowery and wonderful, almost artistic, sentences. A lovely gal but in real life (like in her written sentences) she often got lost in the details.

And then this other guy with the short and pregnant sentences. Military style. The best and fastest working guy of the whole department. He wouldn't get lost in intricate wording. No, sir! It was tac tac tac and tac. Short and sweet.

And last but not least there was another guy who started all the sentences with ... the subordinate clause. Interesting, don't you think? In real life, it was the same. He was way too polite to tell you straight away what he thought. He started talking and I (me being a more straight forward kind of girl) never exactly knew WHAT exactly he wanted or wanted to tell me. With him, I had to be patient, I learned. He got to the point (eventually) - just not straight away. Like with his written sentences!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

My World - My Travels (Madeira, Portugal)

I remember that day. It started out being sunny and warm and we looked forward to spend a day sun bathing (no swimming as the water was way too cold!) at these natural "swimming pools" (on the northern part of Madeira). Suddenly, the wind picked up and there were more and more waves. We didn't think anything of it, at first, but then we realised that the sea was getting wilder by the minute and that the waves had submerged part of the place. We moved our stuff to some higher levels. And again, a few minutes later, to another higher level. And another one. Until we were on the highest one - sure that the waves would not catch us here. The weather had gone wild in the meantime (the Atlantic Sea can get pretty wild!!) and while we were looking at the waves with fascination, taking pictures, feeling secure, one particular high one ... just swashed over us.
Oh my.
Iphone, camera, clothes, shoes and all!!
Dripping wet.
We ran off, to the parking lot, carrying our stuff with us and once we were sure to be save from the wet force of the waves ... we started laughing!!! It had been like a scene from Candid Camera. Some stupid tourists taking pictures of the wild sea instead of seeking shelter :-) hahahahaha

Thursday, April 23, 2015

What's Next?

My second job is coming to an end. One week left and I am back to my part-time work. Yes!!!! I am counting the days! Not that I haven't loved the job (well, some of it at least) and the additional money wasn't bad either (no, actually, it was very good - it not only got me to Hong Kong and Cambodia first and to Mexico later but it helped paying a lot of other stuff!!). I am grateful for that. And for the new experiences and the new stuff I got to learn and the people I got to know.
I am grateful. Very much so.
But now it's time to move on. It's time for a new question: What's next?

The honest answer is: I have no idea. There will probably be something new in my near future (I have no idea what exactly though). But right now? Right now there is just one simple answer to the above question:
I look forward to enjoy more spare time.

Oh yes, spare time. Haven't had much of that these last couple of months. Haven't had much time to
- to write
- to read
- to take long walks
- to think
- to do nothing

And while doing all of the above I am sure that new ideas will find their way to me.
In the meantime I will enjoy myself and my new found free time :-)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

My World - My Travels (Venezia, Italia)

It was February 2012. I had decided to spend a few days in Venezia - during wintertime - not sure what to expect, weatherwise, to be honest. I got lucky. Sunny skies the whole three days I spend there :-)
I loved Venice. I loved getting lost in the narrow alleys, far from the tourist crowds (and I was amazed how easy that was - escaping the tourist crowds, I mean).
On the second day I decided that I wanted to see the sea and I took the vaporetto to Il Lido di Venezia.
I had no expectations as I knew the Adriatic Sea pretty well (I get to spend of my summer holidays there!). I simply wanted to walk along the beach and look at the sea.
What a surprise it was to find the beach covered with sea shell! Thousands of it. The sea had wash them up and they were just lying there. Wow. Just wow.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Gray hair vs. dyed hair

I have had gray hair for ... well, let's say a long time. A very long time! I remember sitting in a bar, while being in my early twenties, and discovering my first gray hair in the mirror on the wall! What a shock that was (telling you about it in this post proves that I haven't forgotten the moment!!).
But hey, you can't change the way your hair is.
You can decide to dye it though.
That's what I did, back in my twenties. I started dying it.
During these days, I remember telling everybody that, yes, I was RIGHT NOW dying my hair but that I would (ONCE I WOULD BE OLDER) start wearing it gray / white.
I was so totally convinced of my words ... really, so totally convinced - you have no idea. It must have been  a youth thing. You know ... the thing about being so young and being so convinced about everything - like about how your future was gonna be, how YOU will be, etc. etc.

Today, I want to tell my young me to ... simply shut up! To shut the hell up.
Because, RIGHT NOW, being what I called "being older" back then, I have NO DESIRE to wear gray hair. No desire at all. Really. Said from the bottom of my heart!

Some of my friends decided not to dye their gray hair. Especially my blond-haired friends take the fact that they turn gray quite easy. Buth then, on them the gray hair looks more like some dyed streaks. It looks natural. It looks good.
Me though, being dark-haired, well, let's say that gray on brown doesn't look neither natural nor good. At all. So, I will continue to dye my hair.
Then maybe, one day, one day far in the future (SMILE) I will be ready for gray hair.


Or not.

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

My World - My Travel (Popham Beach, Maine, USA)

That day, back in August 2013, I had decided that I wanted to spend it at the beach. What I hadn't considered tough was ... that it was a Sunday at that every other person around the area wanted to go to the beach as well! You know how it works - when you're traveling you loose count of the days!
Anyway, I had arrived at the parking space of Popham Beach at around 10 in the morning and there already wasn't any space left!!! Imagine!! (It was a hot summer day - I have to add). What to do? I decided to head to another beach, hoping there would be less people and I got lucky. So I spend my day at the beach, enjoying myself, the sun and took long walks.
At the end of the afternoon, deciding that it was time to head back to the hotel, I drove past Popham Beach again. I noticed there were not many cars left in the parking and so I decided to at least cast a glance at this beach as I knew I would be traveling up north the day after (heading to Acadia National Park).
Oh wow! And what a beach. Huge. Wonderful. By the time I arrived low tide had set in and with all the clouds the vibes of the places got even better!
So, I just sat there and looked. Being totally in the moment!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Who am I?

Are you part of the people that (from a young age) knew what / who they wanted to be when grown up?
Or are you part of the ones (like me) who had no idea (and still has no idea)?

I have been thinking about the "who am I?", "what do I want?", "who do I want to be?" kind of questions lately. For some these are non-questions. They know exactly what they want, who they are and where they are headed to.
They have found THE hobby or THE job or THE whatever that totally fills up their life.
Some days (but just some days!), I envy them.
Like this friend of mine who is a teacher and loves to be a teacher and doesn't want anything else in her life besides being a teacher.
Like my Line Dance teacher whose life IS line dance - every day with her classes, every weekend with the various dance nights and every single vacation day when she stays at whatever Line Dance all inclusive kind of hotel.
Others live for their family only or for their job, for their pet, for their whatever.

Like I said - some days (but just a few in between let me assure you!), I envy them. I image their life to be .... so easy. No, not easy, settled. That's the word. Settled. They know who they are, where they are headed to.

With me it's (slightly SMILE) more complicated. I am well over 40 years old and I love my life. But if you asked me what exactly I want (for my future) and who exactly I am, I couldn't tell you.
I can tell what I don't want though and who I don't want to be. That is crystal clear to me. But what I want? Who I am? Oh my. I have no idea.

Another thing is clear to me as well. I have this indestructible notion deep within me ... that the right thing / person / job will come to me when I am ready. It has happened so many times ... I know it's there.
Do you think that it sounds easy, too easy maybe? You wish for a change and ... change is?
Well, it isn't.
Because for every "right" thing there is an "un-right" thing / person / job that comes my way too.
Apparently it's part of the game, I've have learned. And I am getting better at letting these un-right things go (that wasn't and still isn't easy either).

Faith may be the word here. And learning to deal with whatever happens to come along may be another issue as well.
Anyway, I wanted to universum to know that I am ready ("it" knows for what - it's bad luck to say it out loud!).

Monday, April 6, 2015

My World - My Travels (La Gomera, Canary Islands)

San Sebastian de la Gomera, Canary Islands

I did love La Gomera. I hadn't expected to, honestly, but I immediately fell in love with the place (I had this prejudice against the Canary Islands - too many tourists, too many Germans, too many Brits, too many whatever you can think of - but then friends of mine visited and were over the moon by the place so I had to visit as well SMILE).
It became one of these trips where EVERYTHING was just perfect. The places I visited, the people I met. Everything.
One day I decided to take the bus and travel to the other side of the island to visit San Sebastian, La Gomera's principal town (It took me several hours to get there because the bus stopped many many times!!). What a lovely place. I fell in love immediately and remember spending the whole day just ... walking around the (rather small) village being simply happy! Just hours of pure happiness! Life can be simple and sweet sometimes!

Less Sugar

Ever since I am back from my Mexican trip I try to eat less sugar (as in eat less dessert and sweets in general). During my first couple of days in Mexico I noticed that I was almost constantly thinking about how I wanted to eat something sweet. Even though I do like sweets and dessert (oh yes, I do!!) that had me thinking. What was going on?
So I realised that during these last couple of months I had been eating a lot of sugar. Ever since I started working my second job in fact. Oh shoot! I realized that I had been compensating.
No good.
No good at all.
I didn't want that!
I don't want a life made out of artificial compensation.
I immediately started eating less sugar. It was easy being in Mexico (as they aren't really known for their desserts - at least not desserts that I like!!) and bit more difficult since I have been back. But I am working on it and I feel good doing so.
It feels like I have the reins of my life in my hands again (OK, it may be that I am exaggerating a bit SMILE but you got the idea, right?).

It's funny though how people sometimes simply don't get it.
Saturday was my landlady's birthday. I phoned to express my wishes and she invited me over to have some cake. I said that I was avoiding sugar these days but thank you anyway.
Guess what I found the day after on my doorstep?
An easter egg made out of ... chocolate!
She is no malicious lady ... I suppose she just didn't listen to my words :-)