Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I haven't done much shopping lately. I am totally not into fashion these days either.

I miss it.

Before leaving for Asia, in November, I worked long hours and was pretty busy. No time for shopping and my mind wasn't into fashion at all. In addition, I felt like I had enough clothes in my closet for the time being.
Then I went traveling to Asia and it was all about wearing my summer clothes again.
Then I returned home and went back to working long hours and being ultra busy. Plus, shopping in December is not my favorite at all (too many people around, the whole shopping thing gets too messy in my opinion). The only (little) shopping I did was in Como but that seems soooo long ago.
Christmas and the holidays followed - no shopping either and as I spent my time resting, I wasn't into fashion at all.
January is sale season which I hate ... so again, no shopping.

I thought about all this this morning, on my commute to work (sitting there wearing my usual jeans and my usual shirt and my usual shoes). I realized that I actually am pretty sick and tired of my winter clothes. I have been wearing the same stuff for three months now - understandable, right? And since I don't own THAT many clothes...
Well, I won't be able to do much shopping as I'll be leaving for Mexico in 4 weeks (yeah! summer clothes!) but I promised myself this morning (in the bus) that I need to buy at least a new pair of pants and some kind of new top. AT LEAST. And I absolutely need to stop thinking comfy in the mornings while choosing my outfits. I work long hours, that yes, but I can work long hours looking fashionable, right?
Here my today's resolution: I need to go shopping this weekend and buy at least ONE new item. And if not, I need to figure out how to combine my existing clothes in a new way.


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Friday, January 23, 2015

Writing letters

My godchild, who is 13, and I are exchanging letters these days. Actual old-school handwritten letters. That are being sent by post! Do you believe it?

When was the last time you actually wrote a letter? By hand, I mean, not with the help of your computer.
Me, well, that was quite some time ago. It actually was back when I was an au-pair in Paris. 19 years old and I was exchanging letter with my BFF of back then. Once a week, I got a letter telling me all about what was happening back home. And once a week I told her everything about what was going on in my exiting new life in Paris!
I remember. I usually got the letter on Wednesday (no idea why I remember such a detail - isn't our brain fascinating??). I could hardly wait until the kids were at school and I could sit down and read the letter (usually several pages - fully written). It was sooo cool. And then, the same day, I sat down and wrote back (so that she would get the letter before the weekend and she could write me back on Sunday and so on).

Well, now, some twenty or so years later, here we go again. Me receiving letters. Handwritten letters. It's pretty cool. The idea of all this came up because my godchild, I found out, makes a lot of mistakes when writing (exams in school or simple SMS). She lacks the basic knowledge of grammar and orthography, I am afraid. And, I found out further, she is not alone. It's a problem that a lot of young people have these days. Writing is not so cool any longer and usually there is the spelling check on the computer... Therefore I thought that maybe exercising her writing skills would help her. Writing by hand takes more time and your brain has time to think before you write...

To cut a long story short: my Christmas gift to her consisted of ... nice writing paper (in different colors) with fitting envelopes. And I bought the same for me.

So these days, I receive letters with a handwritten address on the envelope, I settle down and enjoy what she has to tell me. Then it's my turn, I sit down at my table, think about what I want to tell her and write it down on some nice colored paper.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


I am sitting here, studying Spanish (or I should be studying Spanish but writing this post instead SMILE). I needed a break. I really needed a break.
I love learning new stuff. And I particularly love studying languages.

But, the older I get, the harder it is.

Oh yes. Who'd have thought???? It gets harder. Not impossible. But harder. Learning all these different verbs? All the words? The numbers? And why do all the verbs have to be irregular? WWWHHHYYYY? It drives me crazy (and I love it at the same time because I love languages!!).

Most of the time it's just frustrating (and I admit that I am being impatient! I have been taking one hour lessons for what? Three months? And I expect to speak Spanish fluently already? hahaha).
Imagine the scene. I am sitting in front of Gustavo, my Spanish teacher, trying to tell him what I did on the weekend, for example. I open my mouth, knowing exactly what I want to tell him ... but no word is coming out. Well, maybe not no words but ... after "este fin de semana..." I have to stop because I can't remember the verb to tell my story (and you know, no story with no verbs). 
Oh my, it's frustrating (especially for someone like me who loves to talk).

But hey, I keep on going and I keep on working on being patient (and gonna share my hilarious stories of me speaking Spanish in Mexico with you during my upcoming trip!).

PS: There is one expression though that I can't seem to forget: ir de tiendas (to go shopping). I wonder why??? hahahahaha

Our World ... wears our marks

Friday, January 16, 2015

Ready for new travel adventures

I have just received the two photo books I had been working on during my days off at the end of the year. I made one with pictures of Angkor Wat and then another with pictures (highlights) of all my other journeys during 2014.

They look great, let me tell you.

As soon as I got them by post though, I knew that it was time to work on my new trip: Mexico. Yes, I am going to Mexico in February/March. For three weeks.
First I'll be spending some time with my American friend S. in Oaxaca (she'll be staying two months - to shorten her winter!!) and then I'll travel on to Yucatan.
I was able to get a very cheap flight(s) and now it's all about the hotels. Starting with the one in Oaxaca (as I will be staying 8 nights!). I don't particularly like looking for hotels. I found it a somehow tedious occupation. But a needed one, I am afraid. It is soooo difficult, with the internet and all the travel sites, to actually make up my mind on which hotel suits me most. And then there was the issue that I was actually quite late with my booking and many hotels in Oaxaca were fully booked.
I finally decided on one that caught my eye most ... and I hope for the best!!

I am sooo excited. I am going to Mexico! Do you believe it?? I don't (yet). I am still taking Spanish lessons with Gustavo, once a week. I can already see myself babbling along, trying to get what people are telling me and looking at their faces that will (without words) tell me that they don't get what I am saying. At all.
Oh my, it's gonna be soooo funny. Hilarious.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Taking up the everyday's life again

I tend to forget how difficult it is to take up my everyday's life again at the beginning of January. Especially when I haven't been working during the last days of the year / first days of the year.
I am so relaxed. My brain is working on slow motion (still). I feel like being on a cloud. Weightless (figuratively speaking obviously ahahahaha). I have left behind my old year and can't wait to live my new year, that yes, but I am in no hurry to start the new year. I live in a buffer zone, somehow. A very relaxed buffer zone :-)
The daily routine though doesn't care!
It shows up, unasked.
I have to go to work.
Do my homework for my spanish lessons.
Go to the gym.
Look for new yoga lessons.
Organize my meals.

Well, suddenly the new year is here. In all it's beauty (and not) SMILE

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year's Resolutions

Did you make any New Year's resolutions for 2015?

I didn't. I don't believe in New Year's resolutions (I believe in every day resolutions SMILE). But I believe in starting the year in a good way. That yes. Luckily enough I was able to start my 2015 in a good way. A very good way.
I feel rested. My brain is and my body is.
I was able to take care of some stuff I had wanted to take care of for a couple of months now. It felt  liberating. And created space for anything new.

I am ready for 2015.
Today is my first day at the office and luckily I had a gentle start. I suppose the clients are still either on a vacation or they want to start this new year in a easy way as well. Any way - I am glad and thankful.

I love these first days a new year. It feels like everything is possible. Every year is like a new / fresh start. I hope the same is true for you, dear readers. I wish you happy days in 2015 and that your wishes may come true!

and remember the following:

Thursday, January 1, 2015