Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Stories Told By Others

I do love a good book. I particularly like crime novels or then travel writing.

Some of my favorite writers though write books that have one hero/heroine that evolves with every book. The novels of Elizabeth George with Inspector Lynley for instance or Jack Reacher written by Lee Child (just to mention two of them). Not only the main characters but everyone involved with the heros' lifes become like some kind of acquaintances to me. It's funny, don't you think? But I suppose it's exactly what the writer wants their characters to be or to become. Someone you feel like you know him or her.

I've just finished reading the Elizabeth George's last novel about Inspector Lynley ... and I can't wait to read the next book already. What is gonna happen with Barbara? What about Lynley? And the guy who has been promoted (just don't remember his name). I love it when this happens. That is what I call a good book.
Some of the books i.e. the characters have been accompanying me for the last couple of years.
Some though, at some point, simply got to my nerves. Imagine! Like real acquaintances. Some are good forever, some are better be lost on the road!

Travel writing is different, obviously. I'm just reading a book about a guy who walked (yes! walked!) from the northern border of the United States to New Mexico (I usually have two or three books that I am reading at the same time - not every book is good for every mood SMILE). Now with this book - I simply want to call the travel agency and book myself a flight to the United States - when you know what I mean?????

Monday, September 29, 2014

Winter Clothes

My weekend was all about clothes. What to keep. What to donate. What to throw away (because unwearable by anybody!).
Same applied to shoes. And to jackets. And to scarfs.
Fortunately, I don't own that many clothes!!
You should see my closet now. It's perfect. Everything smells good. Everything is tidy. I love to start a new clothing season with a tidy closet. It gives me a good feeling. I know it won't last. I don't care. It feels good today!
Fashionably speaking I am ready for winter to come.
Mentally less so :-)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Winter Clothes

This weekend I have a date with ... my closet! Yes, it's time for changing-from-summer-to winter-stuff again. I can't believe summer is over. Well, we actually never had an actual summer. I had told you about this. Rain, rain and more rain.
But these days, even if autumn is blessing us with some very nice, warm and sunny days, the mornings and evenings are getting colder. And it's time to go look for my winter clothes. It's time to get a general idea of what clothes I own, what I need to buy etc. etc. Do some washing and some ironing.

Same old same old, I guess!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Spanish Lessons

I am taking Spanish lessons with Gustavo every Tuesday now. Gustavo is from Santiago de Compostela, he is a friend of a friend and a wonderful and patient teacher.
I love learning a new language. If I could, I would do nothing else. I'd spent my days learning Spanish, Greek, Russian and some Farsi as well. I'd study these languages and then go to practice them in the respective countries where I would spend time to get to know the people, the places, the customs and the traditions. Writing about it. Taking photographs.
Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Well, let's stick with reality for now SMILE. I am taking Spanish lessons every Tuesday. Do you wonder why? Well, it's because ... I decided to travel to Mexico next year (probably in February / March 2015).
Even before talking to the guys of my travel agency or having any clear idea on how my travel schedule will look like (besides visiting a friend of mine who will be in Oaxaca during that time), I knew something for sure: no traveling to South America without at least some basic Spanish in my head and on my tongue.
I want to be able to talk to people. To have an actual conversation. To (best case scenario) read some local newspapers.

Therefore, todos los martes tengo una lección de español con Gustavo.
Wish me luck :-)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ideas Need to Find a Channel To You

I loved this article written by Beppe Severgnini, a journalist with Corriere della Sera, an Italian newspaper:


I saw much of myself in what he wrote but one part (of point 7) could have been written by me:

[...] Le idee devono trovare un varco in questa foresta di informazioni. I momenti migliori? Dormiveglia e riunioni (spesso le cose coincidono). Docce, spiagge e palestre. Treni, aerei e automobili. [...] Le idee arrivano quando non telefoniamo, non rispondiamo, non postiamo, non chattiamo. L'adrenalina è l'additivo delle persone sane; ma calma, pause e riposo sono indispensabili.

[...] Ideas need to find a channel in this information jungle. The best moments? When dozing or during a meeting (often a combination). Taking showers, beaches and the gym. Trains, airplanes and cars. [...] Ideas happen when we are not telephoning, not answering, not posting, not chatting. Adrenaline is a sane person's additive. But calmnes, breaks and rests are essential.

I so totally agree with this. This is how it works with me and my ideas :-)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Difference in Being Busy - Words of Wisdom


When I was living in the French part of Switzerland, in Lausanne (some hundred years back SMILE), I worked in a company where the guy at the spare parts stockroom was Alsatian. I thought of him and how he spoke while walking the city. What a strange and wonderful language. Part German, part French, they are very proud to be different. That I could sense. It sounds funny to my ears and I remember asking the guy of the stockroom to talk to me in his language just to hear him talk (not that I was able or am able right now to follow correctly!). I just love the sound of it!
The street signs are bilingual which is pretty cool:

Strasbourg ... 4 days later

I am so sorry. I wanted to tell you more about my short stay in Strasbourg but somehow, since being back, I have been busy. Really busy. This second job of mine is taking up much of my spare time and much of my energy. I am not complaining though, mind you, on the contrary. I still love it - very much so - but spare time is rare these days.
Well, let's stop complaing and start talking about nice thing. Things like... traveling. Well, Strasbourg, for the fact.
I have loved it. Really. Who would have thought so? The old city is small and surrounded by water. Wonderful. I took a "bateau mouche" (that's how the French call the low boats that go under a bridge) on Saturday and watched the city go by. I love boats (unfortunately, the windows were closed - I much prefer it when they are open and I can small the air, the wind, the water). On Saturday, by the way, my second day, the sun came out!!!
That was wonderful. And it changed the city totally. Suddenly there were tons of cafés and restaurants with tons of people hanging in there, smoking (I was in France, après tout!), drinking coffee or wine, and eating what looked like wonderful food (I was in France, après tout! SMILE).
The city's vibe on Saturday had NOTHING BUT NOTHING to do with the one on Friday (when it was raining). Sunshine changes everything!

Friday, September 12, 2014


Have you heard of Kougelhopf d'Alsace? I had. But I had never actually tasted it.

And I have been missing something. It's yummy. Simply yummy.


It's raining but what's new about that? It has been raining this whole summer so nothing new in fact :-) But even with the rain Strasbourg is lovely. Just lovely. The city center is small and surrounded by water. And all the flowers - just cute.
It spent a wonderful day and I even made time to go shopping (and bought some very nice shoes!).
I adored the cathedral:

the diameter is of 14 meters - do you believe it?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Words of Wisdom

Today is my birthday and well, the above words reflect exactly what I wish for myself for this new year to come :-)


I will be going to Strasbourg tomorrow. Isn't that wonderful? I haven't been to France in ages and can't wait to talk French the whole day :-)

I'll keep you updated ... with photos and words!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Other's World: WRITING

I have known S. more than half of my life - even though these last twenty or something years, we've seen each other only rarely. We used to go out to the same places (called discos back then - just to tell you how old we are hahahaha), when we were 16/17. We hit it off immediately also because of our mutual love for Italy (it was Vasco Rossi back then!!).
She lives in Berlin now, has been for some years, and after an acting career decided to write for a living. She has tons of courage and I admire her determination in going her way and doing what she likes! Admirable.
I stayed at her house, in March, when visiting Berlin. That is when I first thought about her words being on my blog. I am so glad she agreed :-)
The pictures were taken by me (some of my favorite books).
You'll find the English version just after the German one and all mistakes are as usual mine!

Happy reading!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014