Sunday, August 24, 2014

Boat trip: Constance to Schaffhausen

No sunshine. Again. Like most days during this weather-wise bizarre summer. The weather forecast though had said: no rain. So I decided to go anyway :-)
It stayed mostly cloudly (a few rays of sunshine made their way through the clouds nevertheless!) but no rain. And sitting on the ship's deck I got cold rather quickly - but I loved it anyway. And sitting on a ship's deck is one of my favorite ways to travel!The boat took me from Constance to Schaffhausen, stopover at Insel Reichenau.
Here some impressions:

gray in gray

highest point on Insel Reichenau (die Hochwart): 440 meters above sea level :-) The view wasn't that great ... Insel Reichenau is known for its fruits and vegetables and therefore one gets to see a lot of farmed fields!

Rhine ... so much green to the left and to the right!

wooden bridge of Diessenhofen


seen from the train on my way back home: the falls of Schaffhausen

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