Sunday, March 23, 2014

Volunteer Work ... Suite

I took a step forward in my intention to do volunteer work. I met the lady who is responsible for the volunteers at the various Internet Corners in the city's nursing homes. You remember? They were looking for volunteers that would be responding to the elderly's questions about the Internet, e-mails or computers in general. Every two weeks and for two hours, at least two volunteers are available to the residents of the nursing home. The residents can come by and ask their questions.

After the nice chat I had with the lady (she asked a lot of questions and me too) I am still positive about this idea of mine. I will do a first "taster day" in April and then I'll decide.
I am really looking forward to this new experience. I'll keep you updated anyway!

PS: leaving the nursing home, I passed the cafeteria. It was noon and the residents were eating lunch. I had to smile when I saw all the wheeled walkers parked outside the main entrance.
It's true. Every age has its own means of transportation and need its specific parking spaces.
Schools have parking spaces for scooters.
Offices for cars or bycicles.
And nursing homes for sheeled walkers.

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