Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shopping ... Again

I've spent my Saturday shopping (again). This time with two 15 year old girls. The goal was to find an outfit for a special occasion for one of the two girls (accompanied by BFF). The mother delegated this duty to me because she knew that she and her adolescent girl would spend their time fighting instead of looking for the perfect dress. I was pleased to accept this "duty", firstly because shopping is never a duty to me and secondly I like these two girls. They are bubbly and intelligent and love fashion!

Many 15 year old girls are convinced to know EVERYTHING about fashion. They are quite stylish but due to the chain stores they tend to look all the same (let's not talk about long straight hair!). I love chain stores myself and shop there often but I think own little touches are totally required in any outfit.
Well, 15 year old girls are totally NOT interested in "own little touches". They don't want to be different. They don't want to stick out of the mass. They want to be like their BFF or like the girls in school. And they have NO IDEA about the value of money. NO IDEA. But this is another story, for another post!

It was fun. She tried on many many clothes but finally she bought the kind of outfit that was foreseeable.
A black (short) dress. Black high heels.
I hadn't expected anything else.
We're talking 15 year old girls here, right?
But she was happy.
AND her BFF said she looked so thin and so sexy in this dress.
All was wonderfully well in their world.

In mine too as I got to spend my day with what I do love: clothes!

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