Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Finding Your Style

I spent my Saturday with my twelve-year-old goddaughter ... shopping! A wonderful day :-) But we not only went from shop to shop, from dressing room to dressing room, we talked a lot about fashion in general and style as well.
It was pretty interesting.
She asked a lot of questions. "What is style?" "How do I find my style?" "How do you become a stylish person?" "How do I match the different pieces of clothing that I have in my closet?"
Pretty clever questions, I thought.
How do I find my style? This question, I figured pretty quickly, was what she wanted to talk about. She somehow had this strange idea that being stylish was ... innate.
I quickly reassured her that NO twelve-year-old has found her style (sometimes even forty-year-old "girls" haven't found it but I wasn't about to tell her that!!).
I added that finding your style is all about ... trying out ... and to love doing so!
I also agreed that some people have a better eye and "instinct" for fashion than others. Nothing that can't be learned though.
I also mentioned that some people simply aren't interested in fashion at all (seems impossible to me SMILE).

If you are not part of the latter category, finding your style is about going from one outfit i.e. one style to the other. Sometimes you wear what you think looks great. You dare to combine that shirt with those trousers, for example. Sometimes you copy your girlfriends or sister. Other times you get your inspiration while shopping or skimming a magazine. In my opinion, it's a work in progress. It never stops and if you love fashion you are happy that it actually is a work in progress!
I emphasized the importance of becoming your own person - even fashion wise. To listen to the girlfriend's opinion is good but sometimes you just have to wear what you want to wear! Be bold. Be brave. Be yourself. And getting older will help you with the latter: you'll get to know yourself. And your style will mirror this knowledge.

Long live fashion!

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