Friday, February 28, 2014

Mood Swing

Do you ever feel blue without really having a reason to feel so?
Well, I do today.
It's not my favorite mood, I admit. But it happens sometimes. It "overcomes" me (most of the time rather suddenly). I try to accept to feel the way I feel. I learned to accept my mood swings. Had many more of them in my youth and young adulthood then nowadays. It was a continuous struggle back then. Getting older (and that is ONE thing that gets better with age!) I became steadier and stronger inside (I know myself much better nowadays).
It helped when one day I realized that mood swings actually ... come ... and go by again.
Like a wave.
I just have to sit tight and be patient.
Accept the odd day and go on doing what I was supposed to be doing that day. Not more.
Accepting that it won't be a memorable day.
Not taking any significant decision or making any important phone calls.
And NO need to go on talking and talking on what exactly feels strange today (as I don't know EXACTLY anyway!).
It just is.
If in a couple of days the feeling is still with me, I can do all the talking and thinking I want to help me get rid of it.
But right now?
It's just what it is: a mood swing.

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