Thursday, February 20, 2014

Berlin: Bus 100

One thing has definitively changed since my last visit. There are more tourists. A LOT more tourists actually. I remember taking bus number 100  back then. Bus 100 is a circle line and goes from Alexanderplatz all the way along the most important places of interest like: Unter den Linden, Brandenburgertor, Reichstag, Siegess√§ule, Bahnhof Zoo. There is a bus 200 as well. Its route changes slightly - you get to see Potsdam as well.
Bus number 100 back then had people on it, obviously, but the bus was never crowded (I tend to remember crowded places!). This time though (and we're speaking February - totally off-season! My last visit had been in September) the bus was always crowded. Totally crowded. Crowd after crowd of (young) students, families, and group after group of friends. I haven't seen one "Berliner" - just tourists!

Accordingly, the bus drivers were a bit, well, let's say, not at their best. Poor guys. Not easy to handle crowds of tourists day after (working) day.
During one ride, for ex., the bus stayed put at one stop more time than usual. Suddenly I hear the driver say over the loud speaker: please stand back from the door. Otherwise, it can't be closed.
I hear the doors closing and we continue our ride.
At the next stop, his voice booms over the loud speaker again. He remains somehow friendly but at the same time his "undertone" clearly implies that "guys, you start to piss me off" when he says: please stand back from the door. This time. And please do so also at the next stop. And the one after as well please. Thank you.

What a classy guy!

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