Thursday, January 9, 2014

Small Towns

I don't live in a big city like New York or Paris but I don't live in a small town either. Let's say that it's something in between. Sometimes I wish it were bigger and more "international" but then, especially when I've spent a couple of days in the small Italian town where my mother comes from, I am quite happy about my "in between city".
You wonder why?
Well, easy. Because when I move around here nobody notices me.

This isn't the case in the small town where I just spent a week in. There, live is totally different. There, everybody notices me. Not because I am a beauty or because I am particularly ugly or dressed in a crazy way. No. It's because I don't belong there. I am not one of them, so to speak.
It's a funny experience, believe me.

Like the day I was walking the streets with my aunt when she met a friend who greeted her with a "Ciao Iole". Me, all I got was a stare. Then she looked at my aunt and asked: "Who is she?" My aunt: "This is my nice." The old lady looked at me and then back at my aunt (we don't look similar at all and she is about 30 cm smaller than I am!) and then says: "I don't believe you!" Oh my, I HAD to laugh!
You should have seen some of the ladies' faces when I walked into my (male) cousin's grocery shop and he gave me a bear hug. Their eyes said "you bitch, what are you doing with Andrea? Don't you know that he has a fiancĂ©e?". If looks could kill, I wouldn't be writing this post. SMILE It's their grocer, you understand, they have to watch out for him (he is very good looking and charming - the ladies love him!). My cousin, knowing his customers and knowing his town, said (out loud, for even the deaf ladies to understand): Cousin, how nice to see you again! (the emphasis was clearly on the word cousin - you got that, right?). Their faces changed from hatred to curiosity and I am sure that the day after my cousin was asked plenty of questions about me :-)

I couldn't live there. Never ever. It's a beautiful old town, with friendly people (once you get to know them). But getting noticed all the time? Knowing who does what with whom? And who is related to whom? No thanks! I much prefer the anonymity of the place I live in!

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