Saturday, January 11, 2014

In The Middle Of Nowhere

On New Year's Eve my cousin decided to take me for a ride to visit a natural arch. The village she lives in is small and feels like the middle of nowhere to me already but the place we visited to see this arch? Well, it's the total middle of nowhere, believe me. All around nothing but stones, bushes and trees. Beautiful!

Monte Catria. Do you see the snow on top? it's at about 1300 meters!
The arch was wonderful even though I need to come back to climb up there (with milder temperatures and better shoes!)

We were just leaving this beautiful and godforsaken place, when, on the bumby (very!) and small (even more!) road I notice a car behind us. Incredible! Apparently there is a village up in the mountains where few people still lived. I decided to let it pass and stopped my car on the right side of the street (street?). The car didn't pass though, no! It stopped. For a second I felt some kind of panic. Why did it stop? What did he want? We were in the middle of nowhere he could do whatever with us and nobody would see or hear us! My fertile imagination was already working on some scary scenarios! hahahahaha
Somehow I stayed calm - on the outside at least.
He opened the car window while I did the same and once I heard my cousin say: "Ciao Cesare!" I felt relieved. She knew him.
What followed though left me speechless.
The guy barely greeted us before saying: "I have this very nice hand lotion made out of bees wax. Would you like to try it?"
I gawped at him. Incredulous.
We were in the middle of nowhere (literally) and the guy wants to sell some hand lotion?
He stepped out of his car and came toward us, hand lotion ready to test.
I tested it (very good actually) and had to buy it. Had to! Not only because it was very good and because I later found out that the guy was a beekeeper and struggled for existence (not a big market for honey and bees related products in the middle of nowhere!) but because I knew that I would never forget this hand lotion bought on the roadside of the middle of nowhere. (Apparently shopping is like karma to me. It follows me everywhere!)

PS: Some days later I was recounting this story to some friends of mine when one of them said: "I don't believe this. You traveled alone to some big cities like New York or Chicago, not being afraid, and now you're telling me that you were afraid of the middle of nowhere?" I am a city girl at heart, aren't I?

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