Friday, January 31, 2014

Change of Plans

I am known to change plans. I think of something and sometimes I go with it and sometimes I just discard it. Some might find this way of doing an unsteady one. Others are like me.
I was thinking about this ability of mine when I had to decide ... not to travel to China. I had made plans to travel to China at the end of March. Visiting some friends. Traveling to Shanghai and then later to Beijing. The original idea for this trip came up because of a special offer of an airline company. I don't want to bore you with the details of the story. The bottom line is: due to a misunderstanding between myself and the guy from the travel agency ... I missed the deadline for the booking of the special price ticket. (Funny enough: I am totally not the kind of girl who misses deadlines or doesn't give clear instructions but somehow this time it was a succession of funny things leading to ... me not going to China because the normal flight ticket is too expensive for me. I wonder if "something" inside of me was not ready yet to go to China or maybe "something" told me not to spend money on China but to wait for another travel destination? The future will show...)

I am not traveling to China and that's it. I have been sad about this change of plans (it would have been a wonderful trip!) but not more.
I believe in coincidences and therefore all this mixup was meant to be. I don't know why yet but I someday will.
In the end, it was just an idea, right? Some ideas might get real, others not and sometimes they need to be changed. I was talking about the whole "change of ideas" thing with my cousin, a couple of weeks back.  That day, we had made plans to do X but then something came up (which I thought was not only important but fun as well) and I suggested ... that we changed our plans. She was astonished and told me that all the other persons she knows would have stuck with the "old" plans and let the opportunity go by just because they don't like "to change plans".
It was my turn to be astonished.
I, for my part, often think that I don't grab all the opportunities thoroughly enough. I still practice the "grabbing the moment" way of life. In my cousin's eye though I was already pretty good at that.

Perception is relative, my dears!
(and I still keep on praticing!)

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