Monday, December 2, 2013

Trip Down Memory Lane

What an afternoon yesterday! I indeed sorted out my photo albums and my shelf looks quite nice now (new space is always welcome - you know that I have only a one bedroom appartment and therefore space is precious to me). Most importantly though, I stumbled across my old diaries.
Oh wow.
I had forgotten that I kept them with my photo albums!
I read my very first diary, written when I was 12 years old. So funny (reading it today - back then life was not always funny - it's hard to be a 12 year old girl - nowadays and back then!) and so interesting. Interesting because some of my girlfriends back then are no longer part of my life today. I don't even know what they have become or where they live. If someone had told me so back then, I wouldn't have believed them - I'd even called them liairs. It was unimaginable to me. They were sooo important, so vital to me and my life.
Some other girlfriends though are still my friends. The unexpected ones, I'd say. The ones I called "strange" back then. Funny, don't you think? And somehow foreseeable.

I didn't read all the diaries - the afternoon was too short. I had to read the one written when I was an au pair girl in Paris though. My first really big adventure (well, maybe my second - the first being my four weeks around Europe with a friend doing Interrail!). Never homesick. Full of energy, new ideas and impressions. I remembered the person I was back then (not so different from the one I am today - fortunately!). Fortunately, also, I am wiser today. I realized that while reading my words.

I don't believe in living in the past. I want to live today, right this minute (at least I try). Stepping into my past for the duration of one afternoon though wasn't only fun but reminded me of where I came from and that ... THE JOURNEY IS THE REWARD. (DER WEG IST DAS ZIEL.)

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