Friday, December 27, 2013

On The Road Again

It's time to be on the road again. Can't wait. It has been four months now, since I have come back from America and it's really time to move again.
The one day trip to Milano doesn't count, obviously.

Therefore, tomorrow morning my suitcase and I (and, well, about 10 bags full of presents for my family and also stuff that they wanted me to buy for them - stuff that you can't buy in Italy!), well, as I said, my suitcase, my plastic bags and I will be on the road again.
I not only look forward to travel but also to have 10 days off. That will do me good.
I was just thinking about why I actually hadn't moved these last four months.
In August I've been to the US.
September was about ... being back.
October was about ... working (i.e. earning money) to pay for my credit card bill!
November was Milano and more work.
December was work as well (we had some crazy months at the office, let me tell you!).

This will have to change in the first couple of months of 2014 but for now I'm simply glad ... to hit the road again!

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